Springtime in Florida

For the past 3 years, I’ve had the good fortune to travel to Florida in March.  The snow and cold temperatures are left behind, and I am greeted by springtime on the gulf coast.  Tons of color, cooling breezes, gorgeous horizons, and dear friends.  The trip is never long enough, but 3 full days offers a welcome break from the routine.

I’m even getting comfortable with flying. Yes, as odd as it seems, the woman who rides a motorcycle has a tendency to be a bit nervous on a plane.


The first day in Florida found us enjoying delicious food at Columbia Restaurant, followed by a bit of shopping and walking.


_MG_0831-2 _MG_0835-2

The next morning, after coffee, yogurt, and fresh fruit by the pool (aka hot tub), we were walking Lido Beach.



20160310_171708-4 _MG_0846-3 _MG_0884-2

The camera was rarely out of my hand!!

_MG_0899-3 _MG_0943-2


And thank goodness for that!

_MG_0905-2 - Copy _MG_0906-2 _MG_0933-2

This little guy was hunkered down in a footprint.


And this guy seemed to be saying “what are you looking at?”


After a couple hours of walking, it was time to find lunch and to explore some local history.


Next Post: Spanish Point

47 thoughts on “Springtime in Florida

  1. Going to Florida every March sounds like a great tradition to me! Love your photos. Maybe next winter I’ll find a sunny getaway to recharge and get some Vit D…

    • What’s fun is that this trip is about exploring Florida. We’ve visited State Parks, Farmer’s Markets, Museum (specifically a Museum of Art & Whimsy), and an historic pioneer property. There’s so much to learn about Florida!

  2. Beautiful images Laurie 🙂 It looks like you had a great time and it is so good to get away and just enjoy life and recharge your batteries.

  3. Laurie, these were wonderful! I read in one of your responses above that you have a part 2 in the wings. This will be fun! I loved Florida when I lived there (Gulf Coast, Pensacola). White sand, dunes, sea oats, and oddly, pines that grew right along with the palms in the sand. In a word: Beautiful.

    • Lynda, how wonderful that you lived on the Gulf Coast. I know that the summers get terribly hot, and the tourists (like me!) can be stifling, but the history and beauty of Florida is fascinating. So different from Virginia, and so much to explore!

  4. I like your March tradition. It comes at a perfect time of year when we all need a dose of warmth and sunshine as balm for our winter weary hearts. Gorgeous photos – you’ve capture the ambiance of beautiful long weekend 🙂

  5. You’ve done a lovely job of capturing so many soothing images of Florida! I could just feel those balmy, humid breezes tousling my hair about! Enjoy the trip… and thank you for taking us along. 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed these image, Lori. What I love about this annual trip is that for much of it, we are exploring the natural and historic history of Florida. The feel of the breeze, the walks in the gulf are just so restorative!

  6. Great photos LB…wish I was there again! What beach were you at? That rock formation looks like some shots I took at John’s Pass near Seminole, or near St. Pete’s. Anyway…always nice to be in Fl in March – Dave

    • We stayed in Nokomis, and explored several places in and around Sarasota. This beach was Lido Beach and we also did some walking on Siesta Beach.
      So you know some of Florida, then? I like exploring the more natural part of the state. So beautiful!

    • Thanks, Mary. So glad you like these, and yes, the weekend with girlfriends is not to be beat!
      Lots more photos to process 🙂

  7. Oh! Your photos are wonderful–they really capture the range of sights in Florida. Except, off course, you didn’t post the shots of the commercial strips and the traffic jam on the way to the beach . . . 😉

    • oh my goodness, the traffic!
      I definitely love to visit and explore the natural and historical part of Florida, but the traffic (and of course the heat in the summer), would keep me from ever staying down there for long.

  8. What a fun trip, Laurie. I love your tradition of getting away each March. The vistas are beautiful and inviting.

    The shot of the seagull checking you out is wonderful. I like the bird hunkering down in a footprint as well. Great shots one and all. The one that made me smile the most though, is the photo of you and your friends. Good times enrich the soul.

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