What do you think?


My post for Monochromia this week.

It was a bright, sunshiney day, but tell me, do you think it was cold or warm?  This image could go either way, right?

32 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. I commented over there as well Laurie but wanted to tell you, I love this shot. The capture of the light coming through is gorgeous!

    • You are exactly right! I was walking one morning, probably 60 degrees, and took the shot. My impression after downloading was that it looked like a cold, winter day

    • Hey Terri, I guess you would indeed welcome some cool weather!
      It was a 60 degree morning, but the image made it look like it was cold.

    • Good morning (well, almost afternoon) Pauline. Last night’s Skype session was wonderful wasn’t it? If we can’t all be together, it’s the next best thing!
      and you are right, this image was taken during a warm morning walk.

    • Lynda, I’m so glad you like this image! I really like how it looked, too.
      Something about a tree silhouette that draws my eye every time.
      (it was a nice, warm winter morning)

    • I think it says cold, too, yet it was a warmish morning.
      When I uploaded the image though, I thought “cold”.
      Glad you liked the photo, Kerry

  2. So funny. I just walked away from my office windows where I was enjoying the dark stormy clouds and the rain/snow mix. I was thinking I’d like to be home under a blanket with some cocoa and the first two blog posts I read have stormy looking skies. May have been sunny, but it looks cold and overcast to me.

    • Your last sentence describes the scene … it was warm, but upon uploading, I thought it looked cold.
      I believe we had our last snow for the year a week ago.
      We shall see …

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