The Stones


Did I have you fooled for a second?

My friend Amy and I spent last Friday night in an historic theatre in Pulaski County, Va.  Originally built in 1911, the Pulaski Theatre has been  renovated and now hosts a variety of events.  We attended the Rolling Stone Tribute Show, and had an absolute blast.


Trying to snap a few shots, in a fairly dark theatre, while dancing, singing, and jumping around, was a challenge.


Jumpin’ Jack Flash.




You Can’t Always Get What You Want.




Supporting a local historic theatre, hearing music that you grew up with, and hanging out friends … what a fun evening!

Have any of you seen the Rolling Stones in concert?

39 thoughts on “The Stones

  1. Nope, never been 😦 But what a fantastic evening you’ve shared with us. You captured the essence of the concert with your discerning eye and camera skills, Laurie – the close-ups are superb, and the hands-in-the-air shot made me stop and pause the longest. I just don’t easily “see” in this way and love that you do!

  2. Never been to a Stones concert…but you got some nice shot here LB. I just shot a Heavy Metal Band two weeks ago with only back lighting. What a challenge. BTW, I’m not into HM but my son Shawn is the drummer so I had no choice, lol!……and they offered me a free beer if I did some photography. 🙂 Maybe I’ll post a few shots, eh?
    take care ~ Dave

    • It is a challenge! I had no idea what I was doing (my skill with the camera is not near as good as what my eye sees). And yes, please post some shots!

  3. Never been to a Stones concert which is surprising because I attended so many as a teenager! There are some pretty awesome tribute shows out there. One of my favourites is a Hotel California, a tribute band who play all of the Eagles hits!

    Love your shots Laurie, especially the sneakers…maybe because I love shoes!

    • Those shoes are fun, aren’t they?
      An Eagles Tribute show is coming to the same venue, as is a Fleetwood Mac show (which my friends and I will be attending).

  4. Great photos! I really like the coloured smoke one for Jumpin’ Jack Flash …….. and the sneakers – so Mick!! I never have seen a real or pretend Stones concert – though I’ve been to a couple of tribute shows for other artists and enjoyed them greatly………..

    • That shoe shot is a favorite here, and of mine as well. I was definitely challenged to capture what I was seeing … a fun evening for sure!
      We’ll be attending a Fleetwood Mac show in March.

  5. Awesome photos. Is the B&W photo of the drum set your next contribution to Monochromia? I think it’s especially worthy. My fave photo, though, are the two hands in the air. Rock on!

    • Thank you for suggesting that I post the drum set on Monochromia. I wasn’t sure it was good enough, but with your encouragement, I will post it!

  6. I was never a teenager and missed most of the music. Still catching up. Did go to a Neal Diamond concert a few years ago. I loved his music but the concerts were not so much fun with drunk women who were so loud we could not hear the music. So from now on, I hear my music away from concerts. But going out with friends is always great. Glad you had a good time.

    • We did have fun, and will attend a Fleetwood Mac tribute show, too.
      I’m sorry to hear about never being able to be a teenager, and can think of many reasons why you might have missed it. Being a teen has it’s awful moments, but no one should miss out on any opportunity that the rest of us have.

      • I don’t think I missed too much. I was born old and responsible. I’m doing an admirable job of catching up with being a kid as I’ve aged. I have lots of toys to play with and the time to play. All of life has played out backwards for me. I love Fleetwood Mac. I can listen to them all day. Sometimes I do. You are still young enough to enjoy the crowd thing. Me, not so much.

    • Listening to a recording of Vera Lynn singing You Made Me Love You. I’d love to hear more about that evening, and if you have a favorite recording of her singing, share away!

      • I was an anti heroine concert
        Lots of bikers, pumks, greasers.. And many more.
        Vera came on stage and said that she had no idea why she was chosen to be there but how she stood for the meaning of the concert (worthy cause). Some young dudes started to heckle, then a guy stood up (we were all sitting on the grass in front of the stage), a biker, he was a patch guy, can’t remember which patch though. Either way the bloke was big enough to play Hagrid, without special effects. He turned on the hecklers and told them to show some respect. The implication was that if they didn’t he would make them feel very unhappy. Oddly enough they were very quiet while Vera sang “The White Cliffs of Dover” acommpanied by the drummer fom Hawkwind or so it seems 😀 All that for a mere Two Pounds and Fifty Pence. 😀

  7. I love the way you paired your very cool photos with the classic songs–fun idea! My husband did go to a Stones concert, maybe 8 years ago. He was super happy and I was super glad he went with someone else and didn’t expect me to go!

    • Your comment made me laugh! How great that you and your husband both found happiness that night! 🙂
      Thanks for commenting about the photos paired with the songs.

  8. The photos you manage to capture in the dark amaze me. I love your eye for a picture.
    The sneaker is great, but the b&w drum set was my WOW. It’s like capturing a moment before magic happens 🙂

  9. Clearly you had a blast! I love the sneaker shot. And reading the titles to so many wonderful songs has me humming a few in my head.

    I’ve never been to a Stones concert. It looks like your time in the historical theatre brought you both a lot of joy.

    • We did have fun, and Amy (who you met when you were here) has requested that we all go to the Fleetwood Mac tribute show for her birthday. 🙂
      I’ve decided the sneaker shot is the MVPhoto of the post!
      I’m looking forward to catching up on your blog later today!

    • As they played, I was reminded that, as a 55 yr old, it’s the music that I grew up with. Along with so many others like David Bowie …

  10. Laurie, the hands in the air photo is so so good. Wow. Most of these shots made me say “wow” out loud. I know just what you mean about how hard it can be to get a great shot under difficult conditions, but that makes the ones you did get all the more impressive. Gosh, what a great sense of art you have. I know I’ve said it before, but you do a great job with your camera. I know the Fleetwood Mac tribute show will be a blast. Me personally, I’d be singing along at the top of my lungs.

  11. Feels like a wicked good time. Your photo’s seem random and without pause, I love that. They capture the moments perfectly. The taddy ol’ red Converse sneakers is my favourite.
    I’ve actually been to two Stones concerts. We get a lot of great shows through town because traditionally, Edmontonians don’t mind spending the bucks to attend. This might change now with oil hitting unprecedented lows. Sadly, there’s a lot more unemployment in Alberta right now.

    Favourite Stones song is “Shattered”…not for lyrics or meaning….just for the beat. Mic’s in great shape and runs all over the stage, da-ham 😀 x k

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