Another Sign That Fall is on the Way!


Some of you are college football fans, and if you are a devoted one like I am, the anticipation of the season and that first game is crazy fun!


Even when the outcome is not great (like when your quarterback gets injured and it all goes down hill from there).


This game offered time to campaign, to visit with friends, and to pull out the camera.


The colors of Virginia Tech are the colors of fall, and are perfect for football season.


The best part was hanging out with the very enthusiastic, oh so much fun Virginia Tech Young Democrats.


Our quarterback is pending surgery and the team suffered a loss, yet the season stretches out before us.  There are 11 more games in this season, and 56 days until Election Day!!

9 thoughts on “Another Sign That Fall is on the Way!

  1. Laurie, you’re freaking me out with this football piece. I just wrote a post about attending a game at Lambeau field. Either our minds have melded or we are simply huge football fans who want to declare love of our favorite team. Freaky! 😉 Anyhow, I hope the VT quarterback will be okay for next season. The Packers lost their main wide receiver for the season, which is not the best. In both of our situations, though, I hope the next person to step up makes a difference that that there will be many wins this season.

  2. Oh, man. You know how I feel about college football–I look forward to it ALL YEAR . . . but now my team has me dreading the next game. Here’s to both our teams getting wins this week (and the next and the next . . .)

  3. I’ve never lived in a college football town, and it is really amazing to me how many RVs were in the parking lot!! What I expect to see at a pro team, or at a rock concert. Wowzers.

    VT has the *best* school colours, and it would be a blast to pull all that out each Fall. So so sorry your QB got injured right away. I hope he heals well, and I hope the new QB makes a smooth transition.

    I’m a big football fan myself, and had the great, great fun of being in a college town Sunday to move Tara in to their new dorm room – woo! We went out for dinner after at a brew pub that was packed with Seahawks fans getting ready to cheer their team (sadly they lost to Green Bay). It is so much fun to hang with sports fans at a game. So much fun. And then, you got to hang out with campaign supporters who were also football fans. It must have been the best time, and the shot of you with them is great. 🙂

  4. I get a kick from all the sis-boom-ba that happens over football in America. It’s intense! I think there’s some dedicated fans in Canada but we have so few teams and late in the season they’re usually playing the snow. LOL. Look at all them tents and OMGosh, door wreaths!! That’s hardcore. I still have my VT Kleenex Tissue pack. I’m saving it incase I ever find myself at a game and we’re drinking a beer and I spill….cause you know I will. Then I can whip out my tissue’s! That’s the plan, but I guess I’d have to come in the fall hey? Maybe I should wait to be invited back though, LOL….have fun! You fit right in with them ‘young democrats’ but I bet they’re not getting a discount on their pancakes. Old people perks rock xo Hugs, K.

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