Monochromia: Riding the Storm Out

My contribution to Monochromia this week.


The Roanoke Sound

This was the sky that met me as I left the beach on the bike a couple weeks ago.  Even though the rain threatened (and eventually soaked me), I could not resist stopping to take the shot.

12 thoughts on “Monochromia: Riding the Storm Out

  1. I think ‘Huh?’ about risking – and getting – the good soaking for the sake of a photo or two – and then I see Alys’ comment and remember there are so many like her who would do a Happy Dance at the thought of even a light drizzle …………….. I must go out into the rain with a happier frame of mind 🙂 Thank you my friends for giving me perspective xoxo

Because Boomdee dared me: Lay a little sugar on me :-)

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