Nestled in the Blue Ridge

While on the way to meet my parents and son in Charlottesville for a Mothers Day lunch, I took a brief detour to King Family Vineyard.


Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the vineyard offers near 360 views.


The visit was brief (just one little sip of wine),

_MG_2874-2 _MG_2875-3

but the detour was worth it (even if I did get fussed at for pulling over onto the grass to catch this reflection).


The best part of the day, though?  Time with my parents and son!

Hope the day was lovely for you as well!

43 thoughts on “Nestled in the Blue Ridge

  1. These are really beautiful. Laurie what lovely photos. The sun-dappled hills catch my eye in the first one, and the second one does a good job of showing how out in the country the place is. I would love to visit! It’s nice that you were able to spend quality time with your family, and that they are comfortable fussing at you about the camera stops. (at least that’s what I tell myself when others complain: “we have such a good relationship that they can tell me to get back into the car.”)

    • Actually, and I realize that I didn’t make it very clear, I was fussed at by someone who works at the winery. I was stopped for a couple minutes only and this guy was not real pleasant. So I said “oh no worries, I’m leaving … after spending a bunch of money”. He was chagrined, as he should have been (in my opinion anyway).
      It was so great to spend time with Andrew, and my parents.
      Hope you had a great day, Crystal.

    • It was a nice break from the campaign, Joe.
      So … in all seriousness, we need to plan a Monochromia weekend. Fall would be great but I’ll be in the midst of the campaign. How frigid is it in New York in mid-November?
      (you think I’m kidding? nope!)

  2. You are very fortunate to live close to the Blue Ridge Mountains and places such as this winery. I’m glad you were able to enjoy the trip and your day with family.

    • I kept thinking just exactly that … to live in such a beautiful part of the country and to still have both of my parents, 82 years old and going strong!

  3. Really you are a good photographer!!!! they are lovely… they invite you to relax there in special the entrance of the house and the horse.

  4. How I SO enjoyed your photos, Laurie!!! Oh to smell that air and to feel the breeze … *sighs*. Just gorgeous images! Why does the horse have a covering over her eyes? Do you know? I’m so happy for you that your Mother’s Day was wonderful! You deserve it! Love, Amy ❤

    • I actually do know why the horses eyes are covered (I was wondering too). It keeps the flies out of their eyes.
      Thanks Amy, for your enthusiasm and joy!

      • NICE!!!! I will have to mention this to my neighbor who owns a horse. It breaks my Heart to see flies in her eyes in the summer heat. I also wish an all natural insecticide would be put on this horse to prevent these awful fly bites. I am not holding my breath that these things will be actually done, but at least I will try. Thank you, Laurie!!!m(((HUGS))) Amy

  5. You truly have such a deft hand and a keen eye, Laurie. And although I can envy it till the cows come home, I know I’ll never look through a camera lens and see as you do, and are therefore so incredibly grateful people like you exist. You capture on film that which needs to be captured in the heart. Beautiful work!
    I hope your Mother’s Day was a moving as the pictures.

    • Shelley, your comments do cheer me. I’ve felt so “distant” from my camera (if that makes any sense at all) and wasn’t as happy with these images. I do fret as the campaign eats up so much of the time I used to spend with the camera. I know you can related to that what with your book!
      Anyway, it was a fabulous day with family.
      We had lunch at Hamilton’s on the pedestrian mall. Have you been there?

      • Ooh, yes. Many times. They can seriously whip up a spectacular vegetarian blue plate special.
        Hope you can squeeze in a few minutes for this lovely, breezy weekend of blooms. Ah, Virginia …

    • Thank you, Lisa! I’m so glad you stopped by as I realized that I hadn’t seen your latest post.
      That photo, with the tree and cloud reflections, is lovely!

    • Pauline, it was so great to see Andrew – first time since Christmas! and to have my parents there, too, just made it even better.
      How have you been?
      We should try to find some time to skype!

      • I’m feeling great again, thank you for asking. Time flies between visits when you live miles apart doesn’t it. Yes skyping would be great. I can be available any time – you are the one with the schedule that requires an – er – schedule 🙂 Just let me know and I’ll be there.

    • I’m a bit behind on reading comments, but yes … it was a perfect day with my son and my parents. Days like these are to be treasured

  6. It looks like another beautiful ride, Laurie. I’m glad you got to spend time with your parents and your son. Sounds like a perfect Mother’s Day, Laurie style.

    I spent some time in the garden, a bit of time sewing and time with my boys so overall a good day.

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