It Really IS About the Bike!


Life on the Bike and Other FabThings has been about much more than motorcycles, especially through this very cold, icy winter.  Thankfully, photography and travel are a big part of this blog, too.  Now that warmer temperatures are finally here, I can once again combine all three.


Photo Credit: Cherie Yost

Seven bikes with ten friends riding, set out yesterday morning for Burnt Chimney, Virginia, a small community in Franklin, VA, near Smith Mountain Lake.  Led by Dave, we rode 150 miles on back roads and the Blue Ridge Parkway, where this view was our reward for the ride.  You’ve heard me praise the beauty of this part of the world many times, and this photo is just a bit more evidence to support the claim.



The next stop was Sunken City Brewing Company, a small, fairly new craft brewery near Smith Mountain Lake.



We were all so happy to be out of the house, out of the routine, and enjoying time with friends and on the bike.


Next stop: Mangos Bar and Grill at Smith Mountain Lake.




We toasted a return to warm weather riding, live music, good pub food, and friendship.


I wished I’d gotten this guy’s name.  He sure entertained the crowd, and gave me the opportunity to play with my camera.


(this is an advanced peek at my Monochromia post for Saturday … shhhhh)


What a great day on the bike!

We’ve built a Sunday ride into the weekend campaign schedule.  Saturdays are for knocking doors, and I’ll be on the phone making calls for four hours on Sunday evenings.


Photo Credit: Cherie Yost

But Sunday daytime?  It’s all about the ride!

51 thoughts on “It Really IS About the Bike!

  1. Great story LB…and an important part of the journey is, (not only the destination but) how you got there…and in your case it was on a bike. Love it 🙂
    ~ Dave

    • Some of it, for me, is truly about the ride. I love to stop and explore and enjoy the unexpected things I find along the way. Glad you enjoyed this, Dave

  2. You know, Laurie, I live vicariously through your biker chick adventures. I would have loved to have been on that ride with the beautiful scenery and good company, not to mention the wind in my hair. 🙂

    • Mary, you would have loved it! There’s just something special about the first few rides of the warmer season. Love it!

  3. I find I’m always smiling while I read through your blog and enjoy the scenery. Love these trips with you and your friends and the local color. Hope I can visit your part of the country one day.

    • Thanks! We live in such different places. It makes it fun to share the world we live in. What was really great about this day is that the haze was low and we really could see distance.
      Wouldn’t it have been something to be alive to see the views without pollution?

      • I’ve thought that in several places I’ve been, LB…what would some of the landscapes looked like before even our towns and cities were here….the canyons of the Wasatch Mountains before the pioneers and the rest of us got there….? Goodness…what a thought!

        And yes, it is a lot of fun to share each of our corners of the world with everyone here. 🙂

    • Counter-balance. Perfect term! Thanks!
      I’ve told my team that riding (or any time outdoors) will keep my spirits up and my mood right.
      Hopefully, I’ll last for 6 months! 🙂
      Oh, by the way – did you see the countdown I added? Thanks for the suggestion!

      • I did see the countdown and love it! Great idea and a nice reminder for us all. I’m counting down with you through Actblue. So much fun.

        I’m glad you’re taking good care of yourself.

  4. Sigh!! I adore that first photo and am going to steal it away and do something with it! I am so glad to read that you have scheduled in some r&r to your busy weeks – this is imminently sensible – you know the old adage “All work and no play …..” xoxo

  5. Hey honey! Look look so badazz on your bike. Loved all the scenery, especially Smith Mountain Lake. What a dreamy place to live. Tres Cool B&W’s too. I fancy the art work on his tip bucket, LOL very creative! I’m sure he did well if he sings like he looks…snicker. We’re starting to see more nice days than bad, so that’s a plus. Not as green as VA though, next time I’ll come later. xoK Miss your crazy up attitude and smiling face 😀

    • He did look good, sister! 🙂 A fun, fun day
      I’m glad you are getting some warmer weather, and YES, next time we’ll have you come in May and show you the beauty of real spring in SWVA.
      I know you are crazy busy. Know you are loved!

    • There’s something so special about those first warm day rides. You can’t help but smile and laugh out loud.
      Then again, we’re all so glad to be out and about in the spring, whether we walk, ride, or just sit and breathe.

  6. Your photos were a breath of fresh air from the long day of sitting in my chair. I’m rather envious of your fabulous journey, but nearly felt I was there with you. I looove that pic with the gitbox. Wow. Fabulous, Laurie.
    And Smith Mountain Lake. I’ve always wanted to go, but we’ve got Lake Anna up here. I’ve heard some wonderful things about it. It’s on the Virginia bucket list.
    Rock on, Laurie (or should I say ‘knock on’?)! 😀

    • Ha! I will definitely keep knocking on! Love that Shelley.
      Glad you got the photos by email. The evening light just added to the beauty of your dining room.

  7. Super clear air that day! Don’t you love it when that happens when you’re trying to get a horizon shot?! This day looks like it was about as perfect as days get! Friends, bikes, pubs. I am in *love* with your jacket. Dang, that looks smart on you! That musician would probably go crazy for your photos of him too. If you do find out who it was, look for a facebook page and see if he wants one. The smoke curling up against the guitar is so cool. It was fun to see you out on the bike again, keeping the blog title authentic.

    • What a great idea! I should try to figure out his name. I’ve got a few others, too. And yeah, that curling smoke was my favorite!
      Off to visit your blog now 🙂

    • Hey Mary, I’m glad you think I deserve the break – I’m sure my campaign team would rather I worked all day / every day 🙂

  8. I’m not normally a fan of b&w, but the smokey photo of the guitar is a WOW! By far my favourite … followed very closely by the signs at Mangos 🙂
    It sounds like such a wonderful way to spend a gorgeous sunny day!

    • Thank you, Joanne. That curling smoke with guitar is my favorite, too.
      RTRP (Right Time Right Place – as my friend Gary always says)

  9. Now that looks like a great day and how wonderfully you captured it all! Friends, beautiful views, music, beers…I love it all! I passed through Virginia last month to visit my son in NC…what a beautiful state!

    • Virginia is such a varied state … oceans to mountains and everything in between. Would love to meet sometime on your way through! Hope you had fun visiting your son

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