Seen at the 5K

The past 13 weeks have found me taking 13 different trips, some for work, some for the campaign, and thankfully, several for fun.

With so much to process, both in my mind and in Lightroom, I was glad to find a few minutes to work on the photos from my first ever 5K event.


Many of you are runners, or have participated in a 5K before.  I’m a pretty physically active gal, but you know me … if I have a few extra minutes, I can usually be found on the bike and / or with my camera.  Together with my friends Amy, Lisa, Connie, and Sherry, I participated in a 5K in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  I walked, ran, skipped and danced my way through the course, although to be honest, most of the running occurred when I was trying to catch the following images.

We started off early, in fact we walked to the race course in the dark.



The music kept us moving and the sights of the people kept my camera busy.





As you can tell, the Diva theme extended to a lot of pink, and many tutus!  Even the gentleman holding this sign was wearing a tutu.


_MG_2666-2 _MG_2663-2

Boas and tiaras were given out as we neared the finish line.





We were offered water by the Diva Entourage,



but once across the finish line we were toasted with champagne.




Beer was also available.


As the 5K runners / walkers finished, the 1/2 marathoners were still on the course.


As each 1/2 marathoner crossed the finish line, she was met by the cheers of the crowd and the announcement of her name.  I felt such pride for these women.  For their preparation, their endurance, and their success.  I was inspired.


Because indeed … you don’t have to go fast, you just have to go.

34 thoughts on “Seen at the 5K

  1. Omigosh, I love that so much: you don’t have to go fast, you just have to go. Isn’t that the truth. Whatever it is, whatever speed, it’s all good, as long as you are living LIFE. Hugs and kisses! So glad you participated and found these photos for us. I am glad that in all those 13 weeks, you get to keep doing fun stuff…even if only now and then…because even on the campaign trail, you get to be your beautiful vivacious self.

  2. That was a worthwhile event to leave us for! 🙂 What fun! I saw the first photo of a forest of walking tutus and said to my daughter those Americans know how to make an event an event! Next year you in a pink tutu walking, dancing, running your way to the finish line xoxo

    • We’ll definitely have to have a chat about me wearing that tutu 🙂
      Did I tell you that in my haste to turn around from one trip to the next, I forgot all gear needed to do a 5K? I bought some exercise pants and walked / ran in my flip flops! I’ll be better prepared next year!

  3. Now, here’s a race I could run (I hate running). And I would relish the opportunity to wear a tutu (life-long dream). Where do I sign up for next year? What a great photo journal of the event. xox

    • Yes! Sign up! I’m not a runner but was so excited about all the activity, that I found myself skipping through the 3.2 miles.

  4. You go girl!! I’m so proud of you!!

    Jan E. Simonsen
    Member and Shareholder
    Carr Maloney P.C.
    2000 L Street, NW
    Suite 450
    Washington, DC 20036

  5. What a great post Laurie and I love the images 🙂 That would be me holding the “Finishing ahead of the ambulance is a win” sign, LOL.

    • Loved that sign, and yes, it fits your personality perfectly! The other two signs were inspirational; this one was humorous and perfect for the day! I wish I could have shown him in his tutu, but then the message was too small.

  6. I love that: ‘you don’t have to go fast, you just have to go.’ Beautifully said, Laurie. Great slice of life event photos. I really got a flavor of the time you had.

    Congratulations on finishing the event while at the same time snapping so many representative photos. I hope you’ll send this blog post to the organizer of the event.

  7. Congrats on finishing a 5K Laurie. I usually walk those, so I’m always impressed with those who run any part of it. I do want to enter a mud run sometime…maybe this summer…and get myself muddy!

    • I’d love to do a mud run! In fact, the goal was a mud run but the one these gals participated in the previous year did not fit in the schedule. They had a blast last year!

  8. What an absolutely Heart touching post, Laurie. LOVED this post! I want to participate in a Diva run just so I can wear a pink tutu. Wonderful images and I am still trying to figure out how you managed to take such good pics as you were skipping, jogging, dancing your way to the finish line. Good for you, girl! I am so proud of you! Love, Amy ❤

  9. Oh, wow, Laurie, you truly are an inspiration to women–me included. Your spirit and determination is so infectious it spills right out of your photos as well. I so admire that about you too. Congratulations on participating in this noble event, and many thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. You are one devilishly great diva, darlin’! Cheers!

    • Shelley, you sure know how to make me smile. Thanks for your generous comment. I can’t wait to read your book. Your blog comments and emails are full of words that I love (noble, infectious, devilishly) and I can only imagine the descriptions in the book!

  10. A 5K with bubbly at the finish line?? Sign me up 😉 Really, I’ve never heard about the Diva runs, so of course, I had to google them! Really, really cool. And the idea of you skipping and snapping just makes me smile so much! Thanks for sharing these wonderfully fun photos of a fantastic event, Laurie. You’re da bomb 😀

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