Locked Out!

Many of you already think I’m a little out of my mind for being a lover of winter.

I know, I know, I live in Virginia in the US and we don’t get a ton of snow.  We do get some temps in the zero to 20 degrees F but nothing like those of you who live in places further north.  To my credit, I did live in Vermont and in Northern Idaho and loved almost every cold moment,  even to the point of working in a woodlot in a light jacket, and going winter camping.

Ultimately though, I embrace most weather types.  The beauty of Virginia is that we have a distinct seasonal change, so right when you are tired of one season, the next one comes along.


Leave it to me though to run outside this morning, in my PJs, to get a shot of the first few snowflakes (SO excited!) only to find that I had locked myself out of the house!

All you photonuts out there get it, right? Anything (almost) for that shot!

58 thoughts on “Locked Out!

  1. So what happened? Still trying to get back in? Love that shot. Totally worth it. The blue tint adds just the right touch.

    • Thankfully I keep a key hidden outside! But since the phone was inside as well, you know that I was imagining knocking on my neighbors door 🙂
      And yes! The shot was worth it. Thanks Emilio!

  2. Yes Laurie, we demand sacrifices!! Oh dear, in you PJ’s no less. It’s pretty amazing how diverse the weather is at WordPress, I love that. I hope you have a key hidden?

    Loving you photo too. Hard to no enjoy subtle changes, even the earth needs as rest. It’s almost like you live near a lake, we’d get these foggy mornings when the air was cooler than the water temps. I suppose all those leaves hold moisture in a similar way.

    • Yes, thankfully I have a key hidden (although half of the city knows where I keep it – ha!)
      But as I told Emilio “since the phone was inside as well, you know that I was imagining having to knock on my neighbors door”

  3. That’s the photonut spirit Laurie 😊. Seems to be a trend though didn’t you lock yourself out of a hotel room too in your PJ’s ? LOL. Awesome shot though looking back you will laugh and say “It was worth it”.

    • I did lock myself out of a hotel room in my PJs!! You have such a good memory (or else it was just too funny of a story to forget!)
      It all happened so fast that I worried the image wasn’t going to turn out. So glad it did and so worth it!

  4. I LOVE that shot!! It’s gorgeous!! I also LOVE snow and winter. I get it!! It’s peaceful and calm and forces you to stay indoors and hunker down. I Love winter. Today, our high will be 1° – which we already hit. We will have sub – zero tempts all week. I could not be happier! More time for blogging and coffee!!

    • Yes! At least I did have my PJs on! Phew!
      Can you imagine the looks on the neighbors faces as I knocked on the door – ha!!
      and yes, you are welcome anytime!

  5. Sadly, my neighbors have seen me out in my PJ’s for this exact reason. A few days ago I walked two blocks to get a sunrise photo without trees in the way…in slippers! Thank goodness I haven’t locked myself out yet. Boomdee just reminded me I need to go check to make sure there’s a key in the hidden key place…

    • Yes, hide that key!
      You never know when you’ll get locked out. I love that you walked 2 blocks in your slippers. I would so totally do that!

      • Oh, AND I realized today (during my first fabulous hike of 2015…blog coming soon) that you should not waste any space on explaining how your love of winter is legitimate. Ms. Laurie, anyone who has read your blog knows you are the real deal, if the topic is winter, or anything else. You just go be your bada** self, and know we already trust your perspective.

  6. Ha! Hope you have found your way in from the cold. I love the coloring in this image, the winter chill is there but the warmth and excitement of the first snow is too. Seasons are such a beautiful gift of mother nature!

    • I did get back inside … thanks to that hidden key. Phew!
      It’s about 15 degrees right now … and no more snow. Yet. Fingers crossed!!

  7. First rule for impulsive photographers–have a key hidden outside! It’s currently minus 16 here so even a great photo probably wouldn’t get me outside!

  8. Ha Laurie, kindred spirits in both the love for winter and locking oneself out;0) Last time was this summer, at 1.00 am…Mr. Walker in Europe, no phone and in shocking pink PJ’s. I calmly assesed the situation, took a concrete garden ornament and smashed the kitchen window..hoping the neighbors would not wake up and call the police…I was wearing that shocking pink after all;0) Now of curse, I have (again) a key hidden outside…the photo is gorgeous of course!!! xoxox Johanna

    • Oh my gosh your story is SO much better than mine!! That shocking pink, Mr. Walker in Europe, the broken window. What a story! Thank you so much for sharing, Johanna.

  9. I’m with you, Laurie, all the way. When an image calls you, best heed the song. Things like keys are secondary — there is always a way back in.
    There is so much I love about this photo. Not the least of which is the blue atmospheric tint. I love how the shed is perched on an incline (the possiblty it may one day tip and tumble down the hill), and the thrilling circle of space to counterbalance the composition. Just so serenely beautiful.

    I would love to be able to buy a print of this, if you are so inclined to sell one!

    • Mary … I so love the way your mind works and the way you express those thoughts. Thank you for these generous comments and I’d love to gift you this image. Message me on FB so I don’t forget and I’ll send it along ❤

    • Thank you, Seonaid. Photographers are kindred spirits in many ways … and doing crazy things is one of those ways. So glad that you like this image!

    • Thankfully I had a key hidden outside! So good to see you, Sheryl. I need to go check out your blog and see what you are up to now that the journey through Grandma’s diary has ended.

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