Don’t you just love the vibrance of RED?


And how about the luminence of yellow and orange?

Happy Fall, Ya’ll!

(and Joe – I swear I’d taken these before you started your incredible Wonder of Autumn series. Β Blogger friends – if you haven’t seen that series, please visit The Visual Chronicle)

39 thoughts on “Rojo!

  1. I was just remarking to Bob that I love that certain time of the afternoon when the sun backlights the fall color, and here you are with that very thing! So beautiful, Laurie!

  2. I’ve always loved the fall colors but we didn’t have much in the way of reds this season…! I don’t mind fall it is what it leads to that I dislike… πŸ˜‰ enjoy the weather!

      • lol…to be honest it is only rough for me because as I get older I dislike the snow and the cold more and more…when younger I skated, did cross country skiing snowmobiling, ice fishing, walked on the lake and absolutely loved it! Now give me a beach, a chair, a glass of wine and sometimes a book and I’m good to go… πŸ˜‰

  3. Your photo’s are the essence of fall and I’m envious of all the glorious colour. I especially enjoyed your second photo. When life springs from a fallen tree and give you this kind of view, well that makes my heart glow. Nothing ever truly dies away. It fades and losses lustre but just like people, the beauty is still within.

    • Thank you, K! I just love the fall season and it’s colors!
      The time is going by so fast! My favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, is not that far away and I’m so looking forward to hosting family and friends. My son and I have traveled the past 7 years so i’ll be hosting for the first time in over 7 years! Fun, fun, fun!
      I know you’ve already celebrated your Thanksgiving. I’m guessing it’s all about Christmas for you now? Or is there a Canadian holiday I’m forgetting about?

      • You’re right LB. Just hung a few Christmas lights yesterday. We generally wait for the first of December to turn them on but I might get them on before then. Glad you get to stay home this year. I’ve heard that’s the busiest time in the US to travel.

    • Amy, it’s funny because I feel like I haven’t seen near enough red (then again, I can never have enough red πŸ™‚ ) Thank you, Amy, for your always enthusiastic replies, especially when you’re so busy!

      • I’m about pulling my hair out right now. I’m trying to calibrate my new laptop (colors) and I’m at the point of getting help. My colors don’t look the same compared to my iPad. I KNOW I am working with two different screens. But I need something close so my work is consistent. Oh, Laurie, I’m really struggling today. Love, Amy

      • A reply to this comment went along with a reply to your comment on another post. Was so sorry to read of your struggles!!! Wish I could have helped somehow, Amy.

      • I really am OK today, Laurie. Everything just caught up with me yesterday. Good thing I really LOVE photography. πŸ™‚ (((HUGS))) and thank you again for your kindness. xxAmy

      • I’m still grrrrrr’ing. Laurie, IF I told you ALL that has gone wrong since I broke my Passport and lost 14,000 pictures, it would have made a lesser woman throw her hands up and say I QUIT! Now the latest the color calibration tool I bought is broken, brand new mind you. Yep. So, I called this morning to get a replacement, and IF this one does not work, I am buying another brand. Just wow! (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Oh thank you Alys! I was able to capture some color this past weekend – gorgeous Japanese Maples in reds and oranges. Coming soon πŸ™‚

    • Ah, now you are beginning to glean what I have been through. And what I told you are only a few things. I have ONE MORE OPTION to try to get to my photos which means using a recovery program that calls up deleted images right from my camera disk. Yep. The breaks, the losses, the ineptitude regarding companies I have dealt with, the frustration of brand new breaking (the color meter is not the first thing “new” that broke), my AF on my camera broke (now fixed with the help of Canon) …. and it goes on. Never, Laurie, have I ever experienced so much trouble with technology. I also keep getting thrown off the internet when using my iPad. I am to the point that I ask …. Um, WTF? Yep, I have gotten to that point. Today: It is cold and lightly snowing. I am dressing very warm, and going back to that magical place I shot the recent images that are up at Petals. I have more of those coming for next week. So even being out ALL my work for this past year, I have been busy shooting, mostly MF, now with AF (FIXED!) with my landscape shots. I go for Balance today in a place of magic. Love, Amy

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  5. I love the autumn colors. I’m missing them this year and begged my sister to try to get some photos for me. I didn’t realize I’d see so many friends here too. I’ll come by more often. The autumn red makes you want to start a roaring fire in the hearth and toast your toes. Beautiful.

    • Thank you so much for visiting Life on the Bike here in Southwest Virginia. I just visited your blog and realize that I have no idea where in the world you are blogging from (and you may not want to say). Either way, your roaring hearth fire sounds so great! I love fall!!

      • I’m living in Portland, Oregon area now but here in California helping my son get ready to sell and move. I loved that part of the country even though I only drove through. Lived in New Jersey for a few months. I wish I could ride a bike. Mine has to be stationary. 😦

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