Pilot Mountain

On the way home from a weekend in Greensboro, NC, I made a quick stop at Pilot Mountain State Park.


I’d driven by this natural landmark hundreds of times, but had never stopped.  Despite the chilly temps and overcast sky, it was a nice way to recognize the Spring Equinox.

“Rising abruptly more than 2,000 feet, Pilot Mountain has been a navigational landmark for centuries”.


Pilot Mountain is capped by two prominent pinnacles.  Big Pinnacle, with walls of bare rock and a rounded top covered by vegetation, rises 1,400 feet above the valley floor, the knob jutting skyward more than 200 feet from its base.


The mountain is a remnant of the ancient Sauratown Mountains.  To the native Saura Indians, the earliest known inhabitants of the region, Pilot Mountain was known as Jomeokee, the “Great Guide” or “Pilot.” It guided both Native Americans and early European hunters along a north-south path through the area.

The Redbuds are blooming!  Visit these links if you’d like to see more images of the beautiful purple / pink blooms that are some of the first signs of spring.


The views were limited, yet still enchanting, on such an overcast day.


The park offers miles of trails, camping, and climbing, and since it’s only an hour and a half from home, I’m thinking it will make for an excellent destination for a spring bike ride.


Happy Spring Equinox!

Two weekends in a row spent traveling, bracketing full days in the office, leaves very little time for catching up with life, chores, and WordPress.  I miss checking in on all of you and hearing about the interesting things that you are up to, and I’m hopeful that I’ll find some time this week to visit.

17 thoughts on “Pilot Mountain

  1. We didn’t see many redbuds blooming last April, they were mostly still in bud I think – or had they been and gone? Lovely ‘mountain’. We have a hill here that is a landmark that can be seen just about everywhere in the city. It’s called ‘Saddle Hill’ and I love to catch sight of it when I’m coming home. You’ve been busy again! xoxo

    • Mountain does seem like not quite the right word, does it? It’s such an interesting geologic formation … how the center stays tall and the rest erodes. Kind of like Devils Tower in North Dakota.http://www.nps.gov/deto/index.htm

      I love that the internet makes the world smaller. I just took, a peek at Saddle Hill online 🙂
      So fun!!

      • Why do I know about Devils Tower? That has to be a very special place! I googled Saddle Hill too – never occurred to me to do that before – amazing what opportunities the internet gives us! I’m having an amazing experience of seeing this place I live as ‘home’….. the irony of the fact I’ve been here 13 years and its always been a place I’m passing through doesn’t escape me. The gypsy has settled it seems. Though there is a crazy desire to get a gypsy caravan and a horse, load up Siddy and Orlando and go ……….

  2. Those are FANTASTIC photos! The one of the trees is almost ethereal. Almost black and white. Our pink blossoms came and are all gone from the rain. My son found a one hour window with the sun to catch a few photos. Not like last years. Spring is coming earlier so you will get more time to ride.

    • So glad you like these, Marlene. It’s a really neat place. Hopefully I’ll get back there soon.
      While I do appreciate a good rain, I’m always so sorry when it causes the blooms to fall off.
      Pilot Mountain is about 150 miles further south, so I am just now starting to see a few blooms in my area. I have a weeping cherry that is showing a hint of purple … can’t wait to see it in all it’s glory!

    • I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve got one in the queue that I keep bumping out because it’s not a favorite BUT at least if I forget … 🙂

  3. Never heard of Jomeokee, um, Pilot Mountain, so thanks! Very cool. Looks like a hike destination. And the budding begins.

    • I’d not heard of that name either, Jim. This geologic formation reminds me of Devil’s Tower.
      It fascinates me how the earth moves and the structures that are formed.
      I’m going to try to get more hiking and biking in this year. How? Bike to the place where I’ll hike 🙂

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