Train Day in Radford, Now in Color!

Many of you agreed that a B&W format is perfect for presenting the images of a steam engine and for inspiring the feelings of nostalgia, mystery, and adventure.


Even still, the train that visited Radford last weekend also sported pops of color.


On the wheels,Β and other unknown and therefore unnamed parts underneath the train,

_MG_3077 _MG_3072

on the doors and the windows,

_MG_3158 _MG_3084 _MG_3190 _MG_3176

on the bell and lettering,

_MG_3080 _MG_3076 _MG_3067

… and by the crew members working the train that day.


Despite the impression you might get from this gentleman’s face, the crew seemed to be having a blast, waving and smiling at the crowd as they worked.


Β _MG_3093_MG_3153

What a great day it was!

I’ll leave you with one final shot of our clock, set against the backdrop of historic building art, and we’ll anxiously await the return of the train in 2015.


38 thoughts on “Train Day in Radford, Now in Color!

  1. I laughed when I saw the “Now in color” bit in the title of this post! Reminded me of antique movie posters proclaiming the same thing.

    I just love your eye, Laurie. I don’t have what you have – that pure vision of beauty in the ordinary, and the everyday. My vision is about something else, mostly mood and being painterly, which is okay. Still, I would like to see what you see the way you see it when I’m out and about with a camera.

    My absolute favorite of these is the red window frame against the black, over gold letters. Beautiful!

    • And I loved the reflection of the trees in that one, too (not like I planned it!).
      Mary, thank you so much for your comments. They mean a great deal to me. Truly.

    • Thank you, Laurie! We have a train museum in Roanoke and it was so neat to go through and see all the exhibits. Despite, the challenges of the move, I’m sure you so glad to be near that precious boy.

  2. Great photos! Brings to mind Howlin’ Wolf: “Smokestack lightnin’, shinin’ down, just like gold . . .”

  3. As we say down here, when someone has said or done something to make us have a rethink on a situation, or even change our minds altogether – “Yeah no!”

    Stunning technicolor – I so admire your camera view of the world – it really knows how to focus attention! The “yeah no” from me is ‘yes’ for the colour shots and ‘no’ for my old way of thinking it had to be black and white or wouldn’t work. πŸ™‚

    • Oh I wish I could hear you say “Yeah no” (next skype session!). And that reminds me … I still need to download Skype 5.
      So glad you liked the color shots, too, Pauline. I was wondering if they would be as well received by people!!

  4. Really great shots Laurie πŸ™‚ I love the bright red against the black with the windows and doors and the gold bell. Great post.

  5. Oh geez, now I can’t decide which suits my fancy more. The B&W were really interesting and nostalgic but the colour shots are inviting and scream of adventure to be found riding the rails. It’s like a scene from a Hollywood movie. I half expect to see Johnny Depp saunter by in his braids, HA. I really love the steam and the photo thru the trees of the passenger car.

    • Hey Boomdee!! How the heck are ya?
      Glad you like the one of the car viewed through the trees. It was so diferent from the rest … blue in color and It caught my eye through the trees.
      Wouldn’t it be fun to take a train excursion???

      • I’ve always wanted to do a train excursion. Mr B and I tried one fall to take the Passenger Train from Edmonton thru the Rockies and out to Vancouver. Wouldn’t you know it, the night before it derailed in Saskatchewan and we had to catch a last minute flight. We do have a wonderful excursion from Calgary thru the Rockies called, The Rocky Mountain Express. We will still love to do that on day!

  6. Oh, contrare, The brakeman sitting in the shadows IS smiling! Glad to see renewed AND budding interest in the resurgence of especially the locomotive engine… Having grown up with trains- riding behind the 611 on the Pocohontas Line for years and years – (and they paid my way to college too) I oftentimes take them for granted. I envy first rides, and relish the (reality now) of once again being able to “Alllll Abooooard!” from the platform in Roanoke Virginia.
    When you see that a train festival is coming to a town near you, please go!
    Experience traveling on the rails, and hear and feel the power ! Nothing like it– you won’t b sorry you went!!
    Susan Light

  7. Beautiful shots, Laurie. They all remind me of my train-riding days throughout Europe, cross-country and up and down the California coast. I love trains. You’ve captured that specialness here.

    In color, they’re exciting and vibrant. I like the way you’ve featured the reds. And I love the clock. Lots to think about here. Well done.

    • Thanks Alys. How wonderful that you got to spend so much time on the train and in such great places like the California coast and Europe. I’ve only ridden from DC to NYC, which was great, but want to ride more!!

      • It’s such a slow, steady way to travel. European trains, as you probably know, connect from country to country, as well as connecting to all the major airports. They’re clean and efficient and the first class cars are comfortable and quiet.

        I hope you’ll ride the rails even more in the future.

    • That red against the black completely attracted me – to the point that I ended up with waaayyyy too many photos of it πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  8. The blue colored Tennessee Valley passenger train took me back. A railroad track dissects the farm where I grew up. We would always watch for the 8:30 PM train to go through…. it was a passenger train. It also reminded me of the old movies from the 40’s and 50’s…. everyone traveled by train…. Love these photos.

  9. Lovely Laurie – not sure which I prefer. Some I like better in B&W, some in color. Great example of how important it is to choose your post-processing based specifically on the shot and your intention with it. Well done!

    • Thank you so much, Tina! There were some shots that just begged for B&W, but others that needed the color πŸ™‚ It was fun sharing and reading the comments and opinions.

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