Auction: Sold!

Those of you who have been to an auction, know the energy that pervades the room.  This auction was my first, and I was immediately caught up in the excitement.  In fact, at one point I feared that I had purchased a truck! Not because I wanted one, mind you, but because while standing on a flatbed truck taking photos, I waved across the parking lot to a friend.  Phew!


The team from McCrawRealty used their creative bid calling chants to captivate and motivate the crowd.


Just follow the orange flag and the auctioneer’s chant to find the current item up for bid.



IMG_1327 IMG_1331 IMG_1332

I had no idea how physically demanding an auctioneer’s job is!

The two auctioneers took turns between calling the chant and serving as the ringman.  The ringman watches the crowd, encourages the bidding, creates excitement and conveys bids to the auctioneer or brings a bidder to the auctioneer’s attention.  Others on the team (the runner) serve to move the flag, bring items to the podium, or hold items aloft (


What did the successful bidders take home that day? I have no idea!

_MG_1477 _MG_1386

Items sold included big pieces of equipment …

_MG_1256 _MG_1263 _MG_1259

and smaller items, thrown together and sold en masse

_MG_1250 _MG_1268

It seemed that anything not tied down was up for sale. Seriously!

 While shooting this sign, I attracted the attention of one buyer, and the next thing I knew, the sign was SOLD!


Fascinating!  The next, and final post about the auction will feature photos of other interesting sights seen at the auction.

Check here for the first post about the auction.

22 thoughts on “Auction: Sold!

  1. You are lucky you didn’t have to explain to the auctioneer, and the crowd, how you were just waving and not bidding!!!!! LOL! Ya can’t sneeze, cough, cover your mouth, tug you ear, etc, w/o being in danger of an unexpected purchase!!! LOL!!!!

  2. I love that the sign got sold – and in the way it happened 🙂 I hope it will be put to good use in another business, it’s a great mantra!

    I’m an absolute menace at an auction – I get so easily caught up in the moment and bid just for the fun of bidding…. I’ve ended up with some stuff that I really shouldn’t have! 🙂

  3. Beautiful shots Laurie, I could tell by your photos that you are really starting to enjoy your camera. You really captured the essence of this auction 😀 Have a great evening.

  4. My dad would have loved that auction, he had every tool every made I’m sure of it. I like the colour on that aqua thingy. I always enjoy candid shots, really puts a viewer in the scene.

  5. The excitement of it all! You really don’t want to wave your arms, touch your nose or give any other signal that could be misinterpreted. Otherwise it may end up a very expensive day. 🙂

    • I loved watching the auction team working the crowd, watching the activity, and hearing the call (or whatever that word they used) when someone made a bid.

    • Thankfully, no! A friend who was there got so caught up in the excitement, he almost bought a forklift!! funny!!
      and you are so right .. the end of an era and very hard. I’m so thankful that the auction was such a success … it made the day easier and gave everyone something to celebrate.
      Mae, it was almost like a wake for a business.

  6. I would like to go to an auction but I just don’t want to be out bid. I would be FIGHTING for some horseshoe that may have been on one of Lincoln’s horses. I think it would be safer I stay away LOL!

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