Auction: End of an Era

The sights, sounds, emotions, and memories of auction day will long remain with me.

_MG_1385 IMG_1285

The excitement of the auction process and the fascination with an industry so different from my own, had me riveted.  I very much wanted to capture the history and success of a 57 year old family business, and to portray those who make their living in this field.  It was an honor to be a part of the day, and I came away with so many memories and photographs.

IMG_1286 IMG_1282 IMG_1484 IMG_1336 _MG_1300

A favorite part of the day for me was hearing stories from “back in the day”.  Like a child at bedtime, I kept asking for more.  On a day that was at times bittersweet, it was a joy to hear the laughter from those who had grown to be like family after so many years working together.


IMG_1411 IMG_1408


Amy’s father placed this horseshoe in the shop many years ago, but she took it down this day intending it to be a keepsake.  Instead, the horseshoe was passed on to two brothers who had started a welding business, and had purchased several pieces of equipment in the auction.




In a sense it was like passing the torch on to a new generation.

Time goes by, economies and businesses change, but the memories of a father who created a business 57 years ago, and grew it into a success, will not fade.  Here’s to Warren G. Harris on a job well done, and to his family, for carrying on a proud family tradition.


Now!  To grow and enhance the other part of the business: Harris Self-Storage!

19 thoughts on “Auction: End of an Era

  1. Great post and photos Laurie and I think you already know which is my favorite one, the horse shoe with the ray of light is just phenomenal 😀

  2. This was so interesting. Love the passing on of the horseshoe. We’ve been to two auctions, both as a reporter. We were amazed at how far people traveled or phoned in. Lots of passion. A great experience, xo LMA

    • Wasn’t the passing on of the horseshoe a cool thing? It sure made for one of the bright spots in this day for the family. The other was the energy and passion. Great fun!

  3. Oh wow, the horseshoe! Story and photo – that is just both heartbreakng and heartwarming at the same time – is there a word for that? You did the family proud Laurie! From over here I feel privileged to have been able to share the occasion, the camaraderie and the emotion of the event. Thank you 🙂

    • Pauline, thank you … I’m so glad to read your words. It was important to me to try to find that balance, particularly because I love this family so much!

  4. You’ve really done such a wonderful job of document the whole end of an era LB. Loving the horseshoe in the sunlight photo too and it’s fantastic that the younger fella’s will have it for their new shop. Really generous and gracious thing to pass along.

    • Wasn’t the whole horseshoe story the perfect thing for this day?!?! It sure made the family happy to have those young guys carry on a proud tradition and brought smiles to several faces!

  5. What a legacy. You’ve captured the story, the history and the feelings, so well in these words and pictures. I especially loved the story of the horseshoe. Thanks for documenting and sharing, LB.

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