Grayson Highlands Getaway

Grayson County, located in the Blue Ridge Highlands of Southwest Virginia, was the location of this past weekend’s gathering of the BGs, a group of women who meet a few times a year to celebrate birthdays and friendship.


We enjoy delicious food and drink, take walks, read books, play games, and sometimes do a little crafting.


All this, plus plenty of time for talk, is typically done in a cabin or farmhouse in a rural part of Virginia.

_MG_2296 _MG_2298

We worried about this little one – he seemed so sluggish – but maybe he was just enjoying being able to catch some rays on a 50 degree day.


We surely enjoyed our time in the sun.


Cheers! Spring is coming!

32 thoughts on “Grayson Highlands Getaway

  1. I love how you take photos of things I would never give a second [or maybe even a first] glance at and make me look with new and appreciative eyes. Your art becomes an educational tool! πŸ™‚

    And how wonderful that you have these weekends so regularly with your old friends – mine are more ad hoc and I would love to have a regular rhythm like you do – it is so healthy and enlivening!

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I am smiling as I write!
      I’m also smiling because I received your cards in the mail today! I expected beauty, and they are, but the quality is excellent, too.
      How exciting!
      And actually, Pauline, I am lucky to have 3 groups of friends who keep traditions like this. Each group is just a bit different, with slightly different tastes and expectations, and I love my time with all. How blessed am I?

      • It is always a good thing to count our blessings – and three times blessed is most definitely a hat-trick!! [Do you have that term? Cricket phrase for three wickets in a row] πŸ™‚

        So pleased to hear they have arrived safely – and that you are happy too. Fabulous! Thank you for supporting my Etsy store, it is so appreciated! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my gosh Laurie, that little mouse may be my most favourite photo you’ve ever shared. You’re photo’s always shine and this one just touches my heart. I can see his teeny little hands and count every whisker. What a lovely little soul and to enjoy a nap in the sun with you near by, seems like the perfect gift.

    As Pauline has said, you’re talent for seeing beyond the obvious and making the everyday look interesting is a real gift. Looks like you’ve mastered that new camera of yours.

    • Boomdee, your words, like Pauline’s make me smile. To have such talented women as the two of you give me praise means much. Thank you.
      We had a wonderful weekend, and while I’m still learning the camera, I’ve made some progress.

    • Thanks Mae … it was a wonderful weekend and much needed time away from recent chaotic days and weeks (and too many dental appointments). Restoration for the soul, if not the teeth πŸ™‚
      That little mouse was precious for sure!

    • Yes, so cute! and we all just oohd and ahhd over him (especially because he was outside lounging in the sun and not in the house – ha!)

  3. Cheers to you also, I hope that
    there is some of that red stuff left
    for me? πŸ˜‰ lol

    Have a great Tuesday LB πŸ™‚

    Andro xxxx

  4. Laurie I love these photos they came out gorgeous πŸ˜€ The mouse could have been Topo Gigio, that would explain the sluggishness he has to be 237 years old by now (mouse years).

    • Thanks, Edith! I actually was thinking of your animal photography when I took it, knowing that the reason the photo turned out so well was because he was moving so slowly πŸ™‚

  5. What a lovely post. Getting together with close friends and spending a weekend walking, talking, eating and crafting can be so rejuvenating. To meet in a cabin or farmhouse sounds even better. I’m so glad you got away.

    I love these photos (though worried, too about the little critter). The top two really draw me in. Nicely done, LB.

  6. Omigosh, look at all the spring-themed tokens on your wine glass! My fave photo is the first barbed wire one – your focus is perfect. I’ve been taking many shots of birds amongst tree branches lately, and forced to use minute adjustments on manual focus. It made me appreciate the sharp edges of the barb. (ha, pun intended)

    Your comments on the mouse remind me of a poor squirrel I’ve been watching in my back yard. I noticed it first when it had vertigo so badly it would literally fall over. It would have to make two or three passes at the tree before it would reach the trunk and could climb up. It broke my heart and I thought the poor little guy was a goner. But two weeks later, he’s nearly well again! Although he did develop the habit of eating sunflower seeds while sitting on his rump with his feet stretched out in front of him for balance. Now that I see he’s getting well again, I can laugh at that. Maybe my squirrel had an ear infection or had a head injury that’s healing. So, maybe the mouse will get well, too.

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