Or is Dichotomy a better word?  Two things that represent the opposite of one another


Classic images of summer in the midst of winter


Bright Colors / White Snow


Reminders of the sea surrounded by the beauty of winter


Hang in there, all those who are weary of snow.  To every thing there is a season.

 Try not to overlook one season’s gifts by looking ahead to the next.

Because in the not too distant future, all we’ll hear is how hot and miserable people are … in drought conditions to boot.

33 thoughts on “Juxtaposition

  1. What a great idea for a post Laurie! Your photography always hint’s to the fact that there’s a ‘story in the background’. I can see you embrace life and a snow storm is not an obstacle to it. Are those Clam Shells? They’re giant. They’d make a cool banner, Maybe 1 letter on each and all glittered up or have you seen that paint that you can buy that ingests sunlight during the day and glows at night? (like solar paint). That’d be cool too. Ooooops, I feel like a pusher…ha, “hey man, wanna score a craft idea?” LOL

    • You know, I am not sure what kind of shells they are but your idea is clever (no surprise there – all of your ideas are). You would love my friend Liz’s home / garden / yard. She and her husband Wilson are lovers of birds, have green thumbs, and collect all kinds of neat things to decorate with. I’ll be posting some more photos soon.

  2. Love that reminder to be happy with the what we have now Laurie – and those photos are fab-u-lous dahling!! The bright summer colours look so pure against the snow – so hopeful!! Both words could actually fit I think – depending on which mood you look at the photos with – I like juxtaposition personally 🙂

    • Pauline, I deliberated over the right word … I’m glad I went with justaposition for the title. Thanks for always offering such encouragement!!

    • Glad to help with your winter fix! This was a good one for sure. 20 inches of gorgeous snow … big fluffly flakes, non-stop for hours, and then a bright, sunshiny day the next 🙂

  3. Beautiful photos, Laurie. I love the juxtaposition of opposite seasons. You are so right, too. I’m usually first in line to complain about the heat. My complexion belongs in the British Aisles, but my address is California. It’s great for a gardener, not so much for a freckle-face redhead.

    I’ll come back to this post in July when I’m trying to cool off. 🙂

    • Yes, you do have the classic beauty of one from across the pond.
      Glad you enjoyed the photos and if I could send you the melted snow I surely would!

      • Thanks for that. We’re finally making a bit of our own today.

        And oh my goodness, what a compliment. I’m hardly classic or beautiful but I’m definitely ‘of the British Aisles’. I spend my California summers racing from shady spot to shady spot until the sun goes down.

        You are sweet. xox

  4. Life through the eye of a camera!! It really helps to more totally take in what is the current reality in all it’s beauty. Even chilly snowy whiteness must be acknowledged!!! Brrrrrrrrrr!

    • Brrrrr indeed! I am sure you are more than ready for some relief from the white stuff!! It’s the folks who live here, who were complaining after two days of snow, that was driving me crazy 🙂

      • We have friends who just built/moved to Aiken, SC, to escape MN. The weather ‘found’ them!!!! We have weather advisories already posted for Thursday……rain and 8″ more snow (6″ yesterday!!!). Today….sunny and 40! I’ll definitely get out for a walk today!!!!!!!!

  5. Very nice photos! I do love that it’s snow on the summer-used items. And the colors work so well against the snow. I especially like the last shot of the beach chair. It looks like a wave.

    • That lovely snow pattern on the chair caught my eye immediately. I’m glad you noticed too. It made me think of a wave first, but then, after reading the caption, maybe anything from the sea: a serpent or steam on top of the water.

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  7. Really nice colors and photos Laurie 😀 It looks like you are finally starting to have some fun with your new camera. I’m trying not to overlook this seasons gifts but I’m afraid the only gift I got was a back ache, LOL. Have a great evening.

    • I’m sure! I’ve only had to spend a couple days shoveling and I was lucky enough to get into a friend’s hot tub after one of those days. Hang in there, Joe!!

    • Thank you Tina … I know I’ve not had to deal with the months of snow that others have had, but I do still try to live with whatever I run into when I leave the house each day.

  8. I am crazy about that first photo! And I think you chose the right word too. You forgot something like: “inspiration”, “motivation,” or “encouragement,” in your tags…though “live in the moment” covers those things. You are like joy on tap some days. Thank you.

    • Oh I need to have you help me with tagging … you listed some great words. Even more, you have the best way of making me (and others) feel so good. You have such a fun sense of humor, an open heart and mind, and a love of the world and those living in it. I’m lucky to have found you in the big, wide world of the internet!

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