Beautiful Zero

Zero Degrees

So cold yet so beautiful

I don’t have the camera (yet!) to capture the frost in true macro, so I went about it another way, and lent beauty to the trees in the background at the same time.


44 thoughts on “Beautiful Zero

  1. “So cold yet so beautiful” Indubitably! What a gorgeous capture! Looking forward to your future macros, as well. This photo here is absolute art. How I miss frigid weather, the coy and melancholic beauty of winter. Marvelous, thank you for this! Cheers,

    Smiling Toad

    • Such a lovely message to see first in response to this post. Thank you for your words, the visit and I’ll be visiting your blog in return (as soon as I transition from home to work 🙂 ) LB

    • I had to smile, Mae, because “replacement windows” are on my list of things that my home needs. Yes, Jack’s art work indicates the need for replacement, but I will surely miss the pretty scene.

  2. Stunning! LB, I have often had to rely on this trick to get the details. Macro would be great but in the meantime we get pretty close; don’t we?

    We are beginning to warm up as of today. By this weekend we will be at 60 deg. and raining. It has been an insane ride for us here. I do hope you are safe and cozy where you are!

    • The weather is indeed crazy! We’ll have gone from zero to 40 here!
      Hoping to get my new camera in 2 weeks! I’m so ready to move to an SLR, even while being pretty happy with what I have accomplished with my “bridge camera”.
      Hoping you found encouragement during you appointment yesterday!

  3. So beautiful LB, I love the ghostly tree’s in the background. What time of day did you capture it? It’s nice that the sun didn’t wash out all the uniqueness of each icicle.

    It’s been so long since I’ve seen this kind of frost on a window. I remember it more as a small kid. I think it’s just too cold here and our frost is the kind you scrap off like apple peelings. People actually lift their wipers up off their windows here overnight so they don’t freeze down….fun and games, HA.

    • Well, the reason it’s been so long since you’ve seen this kind of frost is because you probably have better insulated windows than me! My house is 30 years old and “replacement windows” are on my “would love to have” list. Although visions like this do harken back to a lovely time.
      The photo was taken in the early morning, just as the sun was rising. So glad you like it!

      • Hey, I never thought about the type of window, you’re so right (and smart) 😀 Well you should leave just one window ‘as-is’ so that you can always enjoy this beautiful vision.

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