Sit a Spell in Blowing Rock

013 (2)

As I walked around Blowing Rock – see my previous post for more about this cool little town in the mountains of North Carolina – I kept stopping to admire the chairs and benches.

013 (4) 012 (3)

I suppose it was the lighting, both indoors and out, that caught my eye, and frankly, I didn’t realize until I got back home that I’d taken so many photos of furniture.

017 (3) 015

Of course, the reflections on this table were irresistable, both in color and in B&W.

030 031

The next morning, I was the only up and about in the common rooms at the Inn and the soft morning light, kept me shooting.

020 (2) 008 (3)

On my next visit, I’ll try to sit a bit more!

42 thoughts on “Sit a Spell in Blowing Rock

  1. I wish I could come up with a word here – unique, enchanting, fascinating don’t quite do it – that would capture your artistry. Love them!

  2. Ditto above comment!!!!! “In spades”!!!!! I saved the 3rd photo……the back of that bench is an awesome idea for a quilting motif!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS POST!!!!! sorry for shouting :-/

  3. I love the photos of the reflections in the table both color and black and white Laurie. I also really like the back to back bench. Another great post, but now I have the urge to sit down 😀 Have a wonderful day Laurie.

    • I’m so glad you liked the back to back bench, too, Joe. The lighting that morning was really neat and since I (of course) didn’t have a tripod, and flash would have ruined things, it took several efforts to get a good shot.

  4. thank you so much for the wonderful tour of Bowling Rock! It looks like it was a rewarding time taking photos! Happy New Year!

    • Thanks Laurie! The funny thing was that I went into the common area to get coffee early, before anyone was up, and locked myself out of my room … without a phone … in my pjs … and without my temporary dental appliance. NICE!!! 🙂

  5. I think I love Blowing Rock! Or is it just that your photos make it look so irresistible? I would sit a spell in any of those seats quite happily – maybe longer than a spell if fresh brewed coffee was also proffered… Magic Laurie, just magic!

  6. So glad you are getting out and about, LB! The edge of the ‘table’ (???) in the last photo is intriguing. Is it layered in or painted on? Love the muted browns, tans and shadowing in that one.

    BTW, I wanted to thank you for being the only one who came looking for me when I was MIA! Dr. apt is Wed at 11:00!

    • Lynda, it is a flat cushioned chair. Isn’t that fabric great? The lighting made photography without a tripod difficult and since clarity was lost, I enhanced the softness and shadows. I kind of liked the effect.
      I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow!!

  7. I love your photos! You make looking at chairs so intriguing! I like the first photo of the several benches. The lines are so interesting. Another favorite is the corner of the table. What beautiful wood!

    I look forward to learning more about and from you.

  8. Such a welcoming little town. I especially noticed the bench with the wishbone shape (second from the end). It’s really unique and I don’t think I’ve seen one quite like it before.

    I probably don’t sit enough and enjoy the views. Mr B’s much better at it. I’ve always been a very fast walker and had a hard time matching the pace of our European travel mates when we did a tour in 2008.

    Your black and white cafe photo is a great composition, I love the reflections both inside and out. It almost has a ‘Twilight Zone’ feeling. Like something unearthly might happen now. Thanks for sharing your trip to Blowing Rock. There’s so many places out there that are worthy of a visit but of course we can’t possibly get to them all.

  9. I’m especially fond of the last image. That is an unusual composition–something that appeals to me! I also love the control of depth of field there.

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