December Rain

This photo was actually taken last December while I was at a dead stop on the interstate during an ice storm.  There were no complaints from me that day, though.  I had heat, water, snacks, my blackberry, my camera, and no pressing business.   It wasn’t a bad way to spend a few hours.

We’re expecting similar weather later this weekend.


Stay warm and dry, my friends.

23 thoughts on “December Rain

  1. I love this shot LB. The raindrops are sharply in focus and you used just enough depth of field to clearly see the background yet blur it to give it a dreamy effect. Very well done 😀 I would print and frame this baby !

  2. Leave it to you to turn it all into a happy little break. You seem to have taken that photo at the perfect time. All the rain drops are so uniform and none are dribbling thru the photo either. Reminds me of Monet, all dabbles of dots to make up one fabulous moment.

    • And to be honest … this was one of those lucky shots! Thanks so much! We are just now getting the freezing rain that everyone’s been preparing for all week. Wish it was snow … although you’ve had more than your share, huh?

      • Yep, more than enough. It’s only early December so there’s plenty to come. As I type this our weather man is saying “40-60 km/hr winds tonight, lot’s of snow to come”. Good grief! Be careful out there, icey roads are no picnic either xK

    • It truly is! Believe it or not, I really enjoyed that long, protracted ride home … strictly because of the way that the storm transformed the scenery

  3. The rain is kind of relentless here in the UK too,
    but at least the weather is milder than usual so
    we cannot complain too much 🙂

    Have a wicked Wednesday LB 🙂

    Andro xxx

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