No Whining!

We’ve got a new wine and craft beer shop in our small community!

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Barrel Cave Wines is a welcome addition to the locally owned business community in the New River Valley.


Thank you Kathy Jordan and Bill Zuti for opening such a fun gathering place!


It sure is fun supporting locally owned businesses 🙂


15 thoughts on “No Whining!

  1. Honestly, I’d be a raging alcoholic if I lived in the states, it’s soooooo cheap. We took photo’s in the drugstore of booze we buy to compare prices when we got home. Our cost is mostly buried tax. There’s no sales tax in Alberta (the only province without). Most wines have import taxes that really add up. I prefer Californian wines, unfortunately they are around $19 – $27 per bottle….sei la vie

    Congratulations on getting such a good shot into glass (your second photo) I always seem to get my own reflection. When I was trying to photograph the Halloween Fairy Garden, I must have taken 5 dozen photo’s because of it. Do you know a trick?

    • My trick = luck!! At least with this shot.
      I can’t believe the cost of wine! I’d certainly drink less … and lose a few pounds, too!

    • Thanks, Laurie. You know, I have it on my calendar to check on your tomorrow … just making sure you are surviving your overly full schedule!

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