A Peek Inside

An unfortunate accident in the sidelight of my front door


offers a glimpse


of the warmth within


yet also, the cool early winter morning outside.


28 thoughts on “A Peek Inside

  1. I guess some accidents can be happy ones. How charming LB. I felt like Alice looking thru the looking glass and into a new world washed in a warm amber glow. Pinned this to remember to not miss a great POV. Glad to see you’re milling about too, look what you might have missed.

      • I’m all kinds of awesome LB, thanks so much! More importantly, you? Are you feeling some relief physically and mentally? The hubby went away overnight so I just made a hodgepodge dinner and going to do some magazine ‘looking’ (I don’t really read them, LOL). I have the fireplace on because I walked out for some supplies thru the snow falling quite gently. I didn’t even need gloves. It’s only 5:42 here and dark now….doesn’t turn around till December 21st…best embrace it, the wine helps a wee bit. Cheers to friendships near and far xoK

    • Thanks Tina! It’s funny because the damage for some reason really hasn’t bothered me … perhaps because the windows came with the house 18 years ago and I have been contemplating a change. The real reason? It’s double paned glass so I don’t have to make a quick decision πŸ™‚

Because Boomdee dared me: Lay a little sugar on me :-)

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