When life, health, work, and the damn shut down push us to focus on the negative, we need to stop and see the beauty that surrounds us. Β Even when it’s challenging.

Misty mornings like these encourage me to stop, and sigh, and find peace … at least for awhile.

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22 thoughts on “Stop!

  1. awesome photos LB…negativity begets negativity…this moment is what we are given, allowing ourselves to be pulled into negativity takes away something we never get back…we can’t control what others do or say, but we can control to the best of our ability how we act and react…I try to find the peace, quiet and beauty…hhhmmm…where did all that come from this morning??? πŸ™‚

  2. LB, Anyone who does not click on your work today is really missing out! The first and last are my favorites… but that last one is amazing!

    Hey everyone, TAKE A CLOSER LOOK! You will like what you see. πŸ˜‰

    I am sorry you are home and unable to work. Will you be paid retroactively when you go back?

    • Lynda – you have made my day!!! From someone as talented as you, it means so much!!
      Thank you.
      To clarify, my job is not affected by those who can not compromise, but I have friends and patients who are affected. It’s also been a week of breast cancer for my patients, frustration with things much less serious than that, and …. well just life.
      You know how that is, right? so it’s the beautfy of the natural world that brings peace of mind and restoration of faith.

  3. Oh. That has to be hard for them, and for you to witness. To witness another’s difficulties is a humbling experience.

    As for me, well, I don’t feel talented. I just think I get lucky sometimes, and I pray about the rest. πŸ™‚

  4. Dewy renewal spills from you photo’s and hopefully into your day. The black and white is especially nice with all the many shades of grey. Kind of like live. Nothing’s just black & white. Is this shutdown nonsense affecting your office? I know you provide health care services. It’s really perplexing to me, but as a foreigner, with a less than perfect system, I’ll zip my lip. I know you’ll hang in there Laurie, you have a heart that see’s colour on the gloomiest days.

    • I often wonder what the rest of the world thinks of the behaviors of our ridiculous politicians!! So self serving and not at all in the interests of the people.
      Glad you enjoyed the photos and thanks for the lovely comment πŸ™‚
      I assume you are home by now … I so loved reading the joy that just oozed from your blog posts, and Aly’s too!

    • You know, it’s funny … I liked the B&W but the comments I have received about it, have made me go back and view it again. My favorite part was the web πŸ™‚

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