Just Add Wine

Yummy snacks


 plus a designated driver


plus amazing friends


plus locally owned restaurants


plus magical light


equals another great BGs celebration, our first in Roanoke!

22 thoughts on “Just Add Wine

    • Oh Laurie, you would have loved it! I opened the window and did the “homecoming queen wave” to everyone that we passed and to a person, each one smiled and waved! Inside the limo was a black & white checkered table … just a blast!

    • The taxi just made the whole evening even more fun. This group of women, meets “officially” 3 times a year for birthday gatherings, and many times a year for other fun times. On this night we celebrated our Fall Birthdays … mine is in the April / May gathering, and we also have a winter celebration. Such a great time!

      • What a great way to ensure your group continues to see each other as often as is possible! I like that it is something everyone makes time for…

    • The original plan was to hit 5 places, and we had planned to walk. Since it was pouring at the beginning of the evening, we changed plans, used the Fork to Fork taxi and hit just two places. We’ve already discussed a “do over”. 🙂

  1. Looks like no BG’s were harmed in the making of that evening. Bravo for you to take a taxi and that’s a cool one! LOVE it. The sunset ski was amazing hey? Good shot. I can totally see you waving out the window, LOL Crazy fun.

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