The Chesapeake Bay Bridge (and technology woes)


You’ll just have to use your imagination since I continue to have technology problems …all the right equipment, without the right ability.  Photos later!



Imagine riding the bike past miles and miles of cornfields, through small towns, and historic communities.




And then … picture the Chesapeake Bay Bridge!  After riding in a downpour, and finally making it through the toll booth, I got to ride over that amazing bridge!! I was laughing and whooping out loud with joy! I just had to ride down hands free and folks around me were smiling and laughing right along with me!  Happy, happy me (except for that tech problem)

22 thoughts on “The Chesapeake Bay Bridge (and technology woes)

  1. Sometime Technical difficulties SUCK and as an artist drain you a bit but hang in there!!! We’ll wait for photos!

    • You are so right … and I finally just stopped trying, and let myself enjoy and not worry it! Photos soon and thanks for commenting, Jasmine. I look forward to catching up with everyone elses blogs!

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