Will It Ever Stop???

The RAIN, I mean!

Honestly, I rarely complain about the weather!  I walk out the door in the morning without having looked at or listened to a weather report.  Hurricanes, thunder storms, floods, heatwaves … I am often unaware that they are in the forecast until I leave the house and someone fills me in.  It’s easy for me to be this way; my work isn’t affected by the weather.  And besides, I love the energy of a storm.

Recently we’ve been heartbroken about the loss of 19 firefighters in Arizona.  I keep thinking that if somehow the western states could have gotten some of our rain, things might have ended differently on Yarnell Hill.  And I’m quite sure that all the folks in my neck of the woods would be grateful to see a bit of  that southwestern sun.

Our most recent storm caused some pretty significant flooding in Southwest Virginia.  In fact, a pond developed in a friend’s back yard.  And since I’m a long time fan of puddle jumping, and playing in the water in general, I headed out for some fun!

003 037

015 021

Yes! I did play in the pond!


005 012

I loved the ripples that were created when I moved around the pond …

023 007

and the raindrops caused lovely patterns as well.

030 035

These sort of looked like abstract water colors.

029 028

So, despite the fact that we are all pretty fed up, there’s no doubt that rain helps to create beautiful images.


34 thoughts on “Will It Ever Stop???

  1. The weather actually plays havoc with my mood. When its rainy all the time, it becomes harder to be happy. It took me 30 years to figure this out but its totally true. When the weather is nice, there is a genuine up shift in my mood. Maybe I should move to Florida.

    • Perhaps … but Florida would be tough for me. Too much HOT and no seasonal change. I guess there’s always challenges with the positives

  2. Lovely swimming pool and toe rings. In truth, the rains will not stop where not needed and start where badly needed until the planes stop flying. Watch the skies and see if there are not a lot of plane streaks a day to a few days before it starts raining again. OH, sorry!!!! I love your photos. 🙂

      • She’s not happy at all, however, what I was referring to is weather modification. It is a fact but few believe it. Those trails you see in the sky are not normal trails left by jets…the are chemicals and I can prove it. Thank you so kindly. 🙂

      • Do you mean emissions cause weather disturbance? If that is what you mean, I would agree. Humans, and the contraptions we make, have a huge impact on the environment.

      • Not what I’m referring to at all. Most think they are streaks caused by emissions from the jets…”NOT TRUE”. I’m talking about chemicals being sprayed by the jets to cause weather changes.

      • Thank you LB. There is nothing to ponder for those that want to know the truth. The rock solid information is out there. Now you will stop following “Ol Jer the nutcase eh? 🙂

      • Thank you LB. YES, we certainly do. I still need a Harley photo. I must go down to the lake Sunday and see if I can find someone willing to let me shoot theirs. The only problem I have with that is…I’m too damned shy. 🙂

  3. Hey, feeling your pain. We aren’t getting as much rain but it hasn’t been clear sailing either. The humidity along with the heat is what is just killing me. My mood suffers along too.

    Love the photos though!

    • It’s hard to not be able to play a bit after long days during the working week. Today was supposed to be time on the bike and the lake … but I hear it’s supposed to rain. Sigh …

  4. I love the playfulness of your shadow photo, LB. We have been having a very wet summer here too. Lots of flooding, but I am not brave enough to go out to see it! However, I did notice yesterday on my way over the Decatur Bridge, that the Tennessee river was really high!

    (I cried when I first heard the news of the 19 firefighters. It was such a tragedy.)

  5. Eventho this is a bit too much rain , I just love the smell o rain .
    Had good fun looking at these and felt like taking the shoes of myself ! 🙂

  6. I can relate to your feelings about the weather. I don’t usually worry about it but here, it’s been either raining or 30 C with humidity and hardly anything in-between. Well bravo for making the most of the weather and getting some gorgeous photo’s. I really forgot how beautiful it can all be until I visited here today. Especially love the ripples of each rain drop, very calming.

    • Thanks for saying so … I loved seeing those ripples, too. And guess what? We had a gorgeous day yesterday! I got to ride the bike for a good while and stopped multiple times to take photos.
      I hope you get that blessing, too 🙂 Take good care. Will continue to think of you!

  7. Luckily, one glorious day can wipe away the bad ones pretty easily. Thanks for all the good vibes LB, I really appreciate your kind thoughts. It’s getting better everyday. hugs K

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