First Kayak Float of the Year

The extensive rain and unusually cold temps have made this such a strange spring.  I’m way behind on gardening and some of the weeds in my yard are as tall as I am!  I’ve put fewer miles on the motorcycle than is typical for this time of year and I haven’t even  had to turn on the A/C yet!

Despite all that, the temps are finally starting to rise and today, Karen and I were able to get on the river.  I’ve got the truck; she’s got the kayaks.  We knew that rain was coming but enjoyed the peace that floating the river brings and reached the take out spot right before the storm set in.

Simply lovely!





2 thoughts on “First Kayak Float of the Year

  1. I feel calm just looking at your photo’s. What a great way to spend time with a friend. Funny, my best bud at the lake was Karen (well, we’re still buds) but we’ve canoed a few miles together too 😀

    • And I’m so lucky to live just minutes from the river, so even if I only have an hour or two, I can still find the peace that comes from floating. My Karen (love the Karen similarity) and I are talking about getting a group together to do some white water rafting in West VA. So fun!! Haven’t done that in years!

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