My Other Bike

It’s no use denying it … since I fell in love with motorcycles, my other two wheeled bike sits unused and collecting dust.  In 5 years, I have ridden less than 100 miles on the bicycle that I chose carefully and used to ride almost daily, 12 miles before work and more on the weekend.  Charleston is the perfect place to explore by bicycle and I loved riding it over The Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge.





14 thoughts on “My Other Bike

  1. This bike takes a little more energy to ride I’m guessing! When visiting Charleston a few years ago I saw so many people running and biking across that bridge. I wanted to do it too but didn’t get the opportunity. Someday! Have a wonderful day! Robyn

    • Robyn, someday for sure! I’ve now been able to walk over and ride over. The views, the wind (and I do mean wind – it about blew me off the bike), the architecture and the engineering (not that I know much about that) are stunning!

  2. So is this post your way of spurring yourself to get back on and pedal? 😉 Mine also sits in the garage at the moment. If we lived closer I would challenge you to join me in getting in a few miles now and again!
    BTW, I have never seen wheels with so few spokes! Is it by design, or does it reduce weight a wind shear?

    • I wish I had an answer about the spokes … it is probably a combination of design and weigh reduction. I’ll tell you, I have really enjoyed the bicycle the past 2 days. I need to somehow figure out how to ride BOTH bikes 🙂 As far as riding together … when I head south the next time …. 🙂

    • The Citadel is about a minutes walk from where my son lives! In fact, we bicycled all around Hampton Park with a bike lane that runs right by there. Beautiful area and Charleston has offered great riding!

  3. We just got the Citi Bikes here in New York. I am so looking forwarding to being able to peddle on the paths. I gave up my bike years ago due to space. I am impressed… 100 miles a week!

    • I had such fun riding around Charleston! As much as I love my motorcycle, this trip made me realize how much I missed riding. My son (who has never been interested in riding) loved it too and I’m sure you will love getting back on the bike as well.
      AND after reading your comment, I had to go back and do the math … I would ride 12 miles / 5 days a week and then 20 or so on the weekend. So not quite 100 … but not bad still, right?
      Enjoy riding!!

    • Funny thing, I just came off one 2 weeks ago … I was photographing our annual Ride of Silence (I wrote about it 2 weeks ago) and trying to ride the bicycle at the same time. I came to a stop too fast and came off the bike! All I could think of was that I might have broken the camera (oh – and that 100 cyclists just saw me come off the bike and fall flat out on the ground).

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