The Colors of …

You thought I’d be posting pictures of spring flowers, right?  With all those bright, beautiful colors?

So what do I do instead?

I post pictures of a tree … an old tree, one covered with lichen, fungi, and damage.

But check out the colors!




This last one is from a tree felled by a recent storm.


10 thoughts on “The Colors of …

    • I was sitting outside with my niece and nephew, enjoying the warmth of spring … just 4 days after a 6 inch snowstorm 🙂

  1. I am a fan of trees. I planted mahogany trees at my parents backyard way back in college. They are now home to birds and other animal life forms. Oh , and lots of shades to ease our Hot tropical whether.

  2. I agree with Crystal; I like the way you see the world! BTW, You recently left a comment on my blog and I clicked your avitar to find out more about you… problem is, there is no link back to your beautiful page! However, I got lucky, and was able to locate you via a Google search. 😀

    • Lynda, I had no idea!! Hmmm … wonder how I fix that? Guess I’ll go figure that out 🙂 Thanks so much for letting me know AND for your lovely comment!

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