Something About A Window

An organization that I belong to held a meeting at a local church last evening.  Grace Episcopal  has been a part of the Radford community for over 100 years and is a lovely old building.  As I walked up to the church, I was struck by the windows.



From the inside they were even more beautiful, and against the setting sun, were the color of amber.








As I left the house this morning, I decided to run by and take one more picture, this time of the the building, and not just the windows.  What a difference a day makes!!  Yesterday was sunny and bright.  Today a 6 inch snowfall!

In April!


12 thoughts on “Something About A Window

    • So true! and evidently this same building has stained glass windows that came from Germany. I was invited back to take more photos so I look forward to seeing those next.

  1. I wish buildings now had as much craftmenship and artistry. The glass work and window shape would be so costly now. Guess we’re having the same weather. Snowed last night here too. -3 C with possible freezing rain.

    • Oh gosh! Stay warm. It’s so weird … last night 6 inches of snow. Today? Gorgeous!! 50 degrees and climbing 🙂

  2. I agree about the windows (and doors) ~ there are so many interesting ones here in the UK. Not sure what I’m going to do with all my window/door photos but I’ve got a bunch 😉

    • It’s so hard not to keep photographing doors and windows, often the most interesting thing about a building. Post some of yours!

  3. The weather here in Australia is up an down as well. We’ve had some chilly nights followed by the most gorgeous sunny days. Ah well, what can we do but enjoy whatever comes our way? xx

    • I agree! I always say that I am not a weather watcher … I just walk out the door and see what Mother Nature has in store for me. Beautiful here today … first day in sandles!

    • So glad to hear you say that … the glow really caught me as well and I wasn’t sure if others would think so too. Thanks!

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