Train Trestle over the New River

I had hoped to spend Sunday riding the new bike but rain, clouds, and cooler temps kept the bike covered and on the carport.  On the way home from taking Easter morning biscuits to a dear friend, I stopped to photograph one of the train trestles that crosses over the New River near Radford City / Pulaski County.  The fog, clouds, and grey day did not present as much of a challenge to me as my lack of zoom!  Each session of shooting finds me lusting for an SLR.

(But that’s another story)

I wasn’t able to get a clear shot of the trestle, and after viewing the photo in B&W, I was glad.  With the vines hanging down in front, I thought the scene looked really mysterious.


A train crossed over the trestle while I was standing underneath.


The sun came out just a bit after that and brightened the rust color of the trestle.



It was then that I noticed the graffiti … and the date that the trestle was built.



The original trestle’s supports remain,



and I love that a tree grows out of the top of one of them,


14 thoughts on “Train Trestle over the New River

  1. B&W’s always capture my imagination and that’s the perfect shot to for no colour. It’s funny how the ‘new’ bridge is from 1927, HA. While I don’t condone unauthorized art on public property, Jeff the whale is kinda of cute with that patch.

  2. Cool shots Laurie, really enjoying these. Fitty loves graffiti too and is fascinated by anything to do with trains.
    He loves these shots as well and says he’s jealous of all the cool stuff you have to shoot over there. I said we may just have to come over one day…..

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