The Third and Final: What Will it Be?

I’ll never forget the thrill I felt after purchasing my first motorcycle!

I was just out of the motorcycle safety course, had a brand new, crisp license in my wallet and I needed a bike! I didn’t know much, but I did know that I wanted something small, used and practice worthy.  I did not want to make the mistake of many new riders, who purchase a brand new “big” bike and, many drops and near accidents later, either sell or leave it sitting there, rarely to be ridden.

Enter my sweet little Honda Rebel, 28 years old with a $1000 price tag.  The perfect starter bike for me!  Three months later, I had learned much and was ready to move on up to a bigger, more powerful bike.  I was a bit sad when I sold that purple rebel and hope it treated another newbie as well as it treated me. Read a bit more about that here:

Copy of IMG_2666

A tinge of sadness was soon replaced with tremendous excitement after the purchase of my 2008  HD Sportster 883L.  It too came to me used, although I was only the second owner and the odometer read just 3oo miles.  The goal for this second bike was to grow in confidence, comfort, and skill.  I’ve put almost 15,000 miles on my Sportster, taken week long solo rides each August these past 3 years, and ridden many, many miles with friends.  What an amazing time I have had on this bike!

First Harley 004

You can read more about that here:


Last week, my bike went into the shop for the annual oil change and check up in preparation for the riding season.  (It needs to be said that I’ll ride all year long despite colder temps, but the snow this year has kept me to only a few rides since November).  As is not uncommon with “adult toys”, there are things to be done to this bike … some tweaks and some upgrades …  and all of that costs MONEY!

What to do?

Spend a good chunk of change to get this lovely little bike ready for the year, and to upgrade it a bit?


Trade it in and get the third and final bike?

If you’ve read Learning to Ride, Part 2, you’ll know that my goal all along has been to eventually sell the Sportster, the bike I have called my intermediate or “middle bike”, and to then purchase the bike of my dreams.  The biggest obstacle to that, of course is financial.  A new bike means a monthly payment … ugh!

But I can feel a new one calling my name.  Just the thought of it is seductive.  In fact, tomorrow I will pick up the Sportster from the shop and bring it home.  Next week, I’ll be visiting my friend Jay and start talking about a new bike.  I don’t know what that bike will be (and I may not be able to work out the financial side of things) but in the meantime …

Isn’t this one a beauty?


The 2013 Fat Boy Lo.

Just add some saddle bags and a windshield and I’ll be ready for the road.

I’ll keep you posted …

18 thoughts on “The Third and Final: What Will it Be?

  1. My boyfriend is restoring his Ducati Bevel 900 ss -which he used to ride as a young man. There is quite a difference in style between his bike and yrs but the thrill of riding them is the same. ..Your dream bike looks gorgeous and I hope you will be able to afford it…..
    I haven’t ridden since I was about 25 – and now I have met Charlie I am inspired to get a bike again. I have always loved riding and driving – and wish I had photos of all my bikes and cars. Your posts have brought back some very happy memories for me !

    • Thanks and I’m glad to have made you smile! No matter the bike, it is all about getting out there, isn’t it? How cool that you started riding when you were young! My first ride was at 47! Fell in love and been in love with riding this past 5 years!

      • I think that you may have started something here…..After your posts, I looked online and have found a lovely example of a bike I used to ride pillion on years ago – it’s a Honda CB400 Four. It is a lovely little machine with good handling that dates from the late 70’s. The one I have found looks to be in excellent condition, although the price reflects this….I am hoping to go view it on Saturday – and if it feels right – who knows ?! – Amanda

      • oh I can’t wait to hear about this!!! be sure to let me know! I’m hoping to go look at bikes this Saturday too … yay us!

  2. My first bike was a Triumph Bonneville 650, about a million years ago. Then, after my kids graduated from college and moved out, I graduated to an 883 Sportster. I sold it when my wife and I downsized and moved to Bucks County, PA and I began to cycle more (peddle power.) But i’m getting the bug again, and the Fat Boy has always been my dream. Maybe next year for my sixtieth. Great Blog!

    • Thanks and let me know if you fulfill that dream! I too started off on the bicycle and rode several times every week. When I got the motorcycle I swore that I would continue to ride the bicycle … I just haven’t done so! I am active in a group that has brought a bikeway/greenway to my little city and I help to plan our annual Ride of Silence … but I just don’t ride like I used to … that motorcycle has just seduced me 🙂 Thanks for checking out my blog!!

  3. I’m past my biking stage of life now. Went through a Honda CB360, Yamaha 400 Special II, Yamaha 700 Virago, and two Yamaha 1100 Viragos.

    Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks!

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