Do you Tweet?


The Daily Post recently published two compelling posts about Twitter and I started wondering if I should venture further into the Twitter world.

I took my initial steps several years ago in an effort to follow the Virginia Tech Hokies at their annual bowl game (one of the longest bowl streaks in college football).  Other than an occasional update via email, I had not looked at Twitter since that time.

These two posts have me considering social  media as more than Facebook.

I’d love to know what you all think – especially other photographers.

Comments very much appreciated!!

13 thoughts on “Do you Tweet?

  1. Strange you should post this today, I was thinking the same thing this morning, should I start tweeting, I see some positives, more publicity if you can attract followers but again more time for me.

    • In reading all the replies to those two posts, many folks talked about the time involved … I went back to my twitter site (is that you even call it – ha!) and I have no idea what to do next!

  2. Yeah, funny you should post this. I haven’t yet read the articles (and I will) but just this morning I was contemplating all the mindless online things I do which distract me and take time away from things I should or could be doing instead…like my research or reading or meditating or qigong, and thinking about cutting back!

    • It is all about being productive on line and not wasting time, isn’t it? I find that of all the things I do on line, blogging / following blogs takes up the most time. I keep joking that I am addicted to it! Let me know how your cutting back goes!

  3. I don’t Tweet or Facebook, my only virtual form of networking is Blogging. I work with computers all day long so its not that I am technologically challenged. It more b/c there are so many distractions out there to keep me away from living, hanging out with my kids, helping out my wife that I just don’t want one more thing taking me away from what I should be doing. I guess I will start Tweeting when I start doing drugs, that will be when I turn 87. Let the geriatric party begin.

    • Yep, it would be easy to let FB or Twitter get in the way of “real life”. Blogging takes up enough time as it is (but I love it!). Good for you for keeping the priorities straight!!

  4. Fitty made me do it!
    I find it the most boring, hard to understand social media ever, and it hasn’t resulted in much of anything really. 30 followers, many of whom are just trying to sell me more followers. My advice – don’t bother!

  5. I’ve been in twitter for awhile now and find it very worth while. I was much more active when I started blogging them I am now. Time just seems to get away from me as my to do list seems to always grow. I met many wonderful like minded photographers on twitter and I find it a very useful way to let people know when I’ve posted something new.

  6. I only use Twitter for a cycling based organization: to promote new blog posts. I don’t use twitter for my personal stuff and blog. I just want to communicate more in fuller sentences. I appreciate other people who choose tweet some of my stuff. I do visit their blog, not tweet. I am not on
    FB since friends and family like email best. Good enough for me!!

    • Thanks for commenting, Jean. I do think we choose and use the technology that works best for us and for those we communicate with on a regular basis (I continue to use a Blackberry because it suits me; everyone else I know uses an I-phone). In reading the posts that I cited above, it seems to me that Twitter benefits writers and those trying to get the word out about a book. I could be completely wrong though.
      I appreciate you stopping by my blog! I’ve really enjoyed taking a tour through yours.

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