Snow in Southwest Virginia – Finally!!!!

Enjoy!  In a few years, we’ll be saying “Remember when it used to snow”?






6 thoughts on “Snow in Southwest Virginia – Finally!!!!

  1. I loved your photo’s, I can almost see every snowflake. I can’t imagine ever saying that here, but with the weather changing so frequently you never know. Once the Polar Ice Cap is gone, we’ll all be warming up drastically.

  2. I live in South East Australia, but on the coast so we don’t get snow. The nearest is about 2 hours drive. Love your photos, they are beautiful.
    Your first line got my attention, “remember when it used to snow?” For us it is, remember when it used to rain? We must start enjoying the beauty of all nature while we are still lucky enough to have it. Here’s to you, for noticing beauty!

    • I was just thinking the other day about Australia and climate change. It’s one thing for very cold climates to warm up a bit … but those places that are already hot? Oh my! You are so right about enjoying the beauty now! I do worry … thanks for commenting!

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