Reflections – Your Suggestions Please!

Upon arriving home each evening, I hit the switch to turn on the tree lights and am struck by the simple beauty of  lights reflected in the window.

So, of course I reach for the camera … and I’ve taken 25 fairly awful pictures.

I’m told I have a decent eye … so why can’t I capture the image that I visualize?

Any suggestions for this rookie photographer?


7 thoughts on “Reflections – Your Suggestions Please!

  1. Hi Laurie:

    It looks like you want the tree as is in the foreground and the reflection of the tree in the background of the night, its reflection as the image you’re after. There’s a big differential in the amount of light with both and I’d experiment with one or two things. But, if you’re really after both being in the shot, I’m thinking an HDR image might be what you’re aiming at – taking three photos … one underexposed, one average exposed and one over exposed and combining them with HDR software (e.g. photomatix). Unfortunately, your real choices in the shot may be an image of the reflection in the window by itself or to focus on creating bokeh of the lights reflected behind the tree in the foreground. I’ll think it through.


  2. I love this image the way it is. It’s unpretentious. Spontaneous. But if it is the details of the tree in the reflection that you are after, you can try putting your camera on a tripod and using a slow shutter speed–1/30 and under. Just play around with it until you start to see the trees details in the window. You will want to adjust your ISO so that you do not blowout the details of the actual tree and to reduce noise. Experiment with F stops to get the depth of field and amount of detail that you want by checking your viewer.

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