Light and Shadows

My camera and I are bound at the hip.  I often stop when driving to and from work to photograph something.   Sites that others may think of as mundane, to me are beautiful.  My friends and family are patient with the vast number of pictures they receive from me … and they are never surprised to hear me say (during the middle of a phone conversation) “I’m out of the truck taking a picture”.

All photographers, including amateurs like me, know about light.  Morning, evening … it’s all about light.  But I am also intensely attracted to the shadows that objects and light create.

Whether it be the shadows of trees on the wall of the carport as I get into my truck on a lovely fall morning,

Or the view of a street sign as I pay my bill at the dental office,

and afterwards, while driving down Main Street.

The morning sun streaming through my lovely screened in porch creates wonderful shadows …

as it does for the wall near my kitchen door,

and the outside wall of a friend’s office.

Whether practicing my macro shooting …

or preparing to walk into my office each day …

the merge of light and shadow brings me joy.

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Because Boomdee dared me: Lay a little sugar on me :-)

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