Layne Creed Part 2 – The 2012 Memorial Ride

When Billy Nunn says be there at 9:45, kickstands up at 10:00 or get left behind, you’d best get there on time.

We met on a cool, cloudy morning, 17 bikes, most with riders on the back, pulling into the parking lot two or three at a time. Considering that we’d had an unplanned party at Sharkey’s ( the night before, more than one biker was feeling the after effects on Saturday. Just like the carb loading pasta dinners that cyclists have the night before a big ride, this group of bikers enjoyed a slightly different type of pre-ride carb load.

In another similarity to a big cycling event, we had our own SAG support, the term the cycling community uses for “support and gear”.  These are the folks who ride in vehicles and are prepared to offer aide to a cyclist in trouble.  Jerilyn provided SAG for our group.  By following the motorcycles in her car, Jerilyn was certainly there for the fun, but also to offer space for a rider and as a place to stow over night gear.  While waiting for everyone to get there, Jerilyn made a new friend and I set up the tripod in preparation for a group shot.


In spite of the late night, we were a happy group that morning.


Soon enough it was time to pose for the group shot and get on down the road to Mt Airy, NC to ride in the 2012 Layne Creed Memorial Ride ( )

The ride was chilly as we progressed slowly down through the mountains on Rt 52.  The slow pace was not purposeful, I guarantee (the pictures show the problem) but it allowed for the photo capture of our line of bikes.


Pulling into 13 Bones ( on a day threatening rain, the crew from Virginia was a welcome site to the team of organizers of the Layne Creed Memorial Ride for the Rescuers.  This was the 6th year of the ride and monies raised get donated to local rescue squads, fire departments, a children’s home and to support 2 scholarships. The owners of 13 Bones, in addition to being regular contributors to community events, were close friends of Layne Creed and they provide a great place to start the ride.

As soon as we got there, we lined up to get wrist bands, purchase T-shirts, pull a card for the Poker hand and buy tickets for the corn hole raffle.  This year, TW Signs (, the company that makes the annual ride T-shirts, also made a Harley Davidson corn hole board that was donated and put up for raffle.


(photo: Velvet Creed Leonard)

It was 11am and everyone enjoyed wings, sausage biscuits and beverages at 13 Bones.


Meanwhile out in the parking lot, riders checked out Layne’s old truck,  and got ready to ride.



Folks looked at other bikes, reconnected with old friends and listened to pre-ride instructions.





60 bikes and many cars and trucks pulled out for the ride that honors the memory of Layne Creed.  Stops along the way included Dodge City in Elkin, the Yadkin Moose Lodge in Mocksville, Cooper’s Sports Bar in Pilot Mountain and finally the Elks Lodge in Mt Airy.  Each break offered food, beverages, and another card for the poker hand.

I’ve ridden in this Poker Run 4 times, but have no experience with any other rides.  All I ever hear from more experienced riders is that this one is the most organized that they have ever been involved with.  Every stop sign and intersection is monitored by someone from police, fire or rescue.  Traffic is stopped when necessary and the bikes ride on by.  In a few instances, folks in cars pull over out of respect for the ride and what it represents.


(photo: Velvet Creed Leonard)

We rode in pouring rain and chilly temps, but never lost the purpose, spirit and fun of the day!  Once wet, it really doesn’t matter … you just keep riding for the cause.



(the previous 5 photos courtesy of Velvet Creed Leonard)

Somewhere along the way, a key became embedded in Josh’s back tire and caused a flat.  Thanks to good friends on the road, the bike was safely loaded on a trailer and the ride continued on.


(photo: Velvet Creed Leonard)

By 5pm, a long line of wet riders pulled into the Mt Airy Elks Lodge.  Those who had them, changed wet clothes for dry ones and it was time to enjoy good food, door prizes and a silent auction.

Many pictures were taken, dancing was done, and in the end, $5500 was donated to the Children’s Center of Surry and Yadkin and scholarships were given to two Surry Community College students.



Even with a flat tire, a broken peg, and a couple of wrong turns and a dropped bike or two on the way to the hotel, it was a great day … rain and all!  The next morning dawned beautifully and it was a perfect day for a ride back home to Virginia.



We’re already looking forward to the 7th annual ride in 2013!

3 thoughts on “Layne Creed Part 2 – The 2012 Memorial Ride

  1. “Party on, Dwayne, party on!” I couldn’t help myself. That’s what popped into my head as I read this. Not to negate the seriousness and important purpose of the event of course. Hats off to all you riders!

  2. This will most certainly be the most memorable ride of 2012,,not only because we are doing it for LAYNE AND THE FAMILY ,,,but for the new friends we make and old friends we see from DAY TO DAY, LAYNE you will be GREATLY missed but NEVER FORGOTTEN,,LOVE YOU CUS..

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