The Road Home … Riding Solo

Without a doubt, I love to ride with friends.  Some of my favorite and most fun times are when I am spending the day with friends on our bikes. But one of the advantages of riding solo, is that I can stop at any time to take pictures … and the ride from Mt Airy, NC to SWVA is perfect for doing just that!





I took me twice as long to get home than it should have but it was so worth it!!

3 thoughts on “The Road Home … Riding Solo

  1. Charles, great question! I just bought a BMW 1200 LT and I have to admit I don’t quite feel comfortable enough to enjoy the scenery as much as I should. I can tell you that there is a feeling of freedom that is undescribeable. These pictures are fabulous. Makes me wanna hit the road!

  2. Charles, I tend to see the bigger vision when riding … but once stopped to shoot the scene, I see the smaller view. Thanks to both of you for the comments, especially you, my cousin Charles!

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