Nothing Like Water to Improve the Mood

This is a re-blog of one of the very first posts I pusblished.  It is also one of my favorites … but since it was one of my firsts, no one saw it. Maybe someone will this time!

Most of the time I am in a pretty upbeat mood, with no lack of energy or enthusiasm for what the day holds in store.  And then there are other days.  The ones when I seem to be focusing only on the negative instead of all the good in my life.  More accurately when I find myself starting to wallow in self pity.  It would be easy to stay in that world, to drift in that woe is me attitude.  Something has to be done to banish the black clouds and quickly!

Some choose exercise, others music or prayer, assuredly others choose drink.

For me and for many, the soothing balm is water.

Thankfully I have friends with water craft and I now have a truck.  One quick text to Debbie and Sandy I am on the way to pick up a kayak.  Within 20 minutes of getting a “come and get it” reply, I am putting in at the Sportsman, ready to paddle around below the dam.  Just me, and a few other guys fishing.


It is amazing how quickly my mood begins to improve.  The colors of the late afternoon, the coolness of the water, and the lower temperatures of the air all begin to elevate my spirit.

The lushness of the trees .. 


The opportunity to practice photography




Even the bridge over the New River provides a beautiful setting for a photo shoot, and soon I don’t even hear the noise of the tractor trailers going by.


In no time, my heart and soul feel better.



I enjoy the occasional chat with a passing fisherman who asks me if I’m having any luck.  Knowing that after 20 minutes, I finally get what for me is the perfect picture of a Blue Heron, I enthusiastically say that I am!!


As many have said before me, I am reminded again of just how fortunate I am to live in such a gorgeous area of the country and indeed to have friends like Debbie and Sandy who were ready and waiting with kayak, life jacket and paddle to send me on my way without questioning my grumpy mood.  I am grateful.


Friends, water, and a lovely evening: mission accomplished … foul mood gone … peace restored!