The Beauty of Bikes

Motorcycles and photography … a combination of  two of my favorite things.   Motorcycles have been in my life for almost 5 years, and photography for about 1.  I’ve taken pictures for years but am just now putting some effort into it.   It’s a natural to combine the two and I’m sure I’ll be taking pictures of bikes for years to come.  This is just the beginning.

Most bikers work hard to make their bikes look good and ride well.  A walk out to my carport right now will reveal the fact that my bike needs some attention to detail.  It takes some time and elbow grease to bring out the beauty and shine in a bike and the time I’ve had with the bike lately has been spent riding it, not cleaning it.


Others have done better than I and I’ve had fun taking pictures of bikes the last couple weeks. Billy has been riding this 2003 Road King for 9 years.



Not all of my friends ride HDs but many of them do.



Another friend recently bought this bike and he finally has it back on the road after some repairs and upgrades. Check out the Sharkey’s sign reflected in the pipe.


Sharkey’s is a locally owned restaurant and bar, and at any given time, especially in the evening and on weekends, a line of bikes can usually be seen.


A couple of the pictures that follow were taken with my cell phone camera and while they are not great photos, they do show how bikers work to make their machines look unique.


I love the combination of black and chrome …


But the colors are pretty too.



There’s something about that line of bikes that I love to shoot, whether parked in front of a beverage establishment …

… or riding down the road.

So until next time … Ride Safe and Have Fun!

I know I sure will!