The Road Ahead

The road of life offers many opportunities and challenges,


and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the two.

Sometimes the direction seems foggy or unclear,


with obstacles blocking the way.


Soon enough though, the way will be made clear, and we’ll see the future as it should be.


The world around us will be peaceful once again,


while the spirit, made stronger because of the struggle, soars.


This small collection of photos was taken at various points this past week, a week that was filled with far too many twists in the road, and not near enough opportunities to use my camera.

I’m quite sure that many of you experienced the same.  Let’s all just breath … it’s going to be okay.


My contribution to Monochromia this week.  I’m telling ya’ll, participation in this blog (what an honor) challenges me, my creativity and my ability.  Phew!


BUT! Challenges make us stretch and grow, so I’m keeping with it!

(can you see the unplanned surprise in this image?)