My contribution to Monochromia this week.  I’m telling ya’ll, participation in this blog (what an honor) challenges me, my creativity and my ability.  Phew!


BUT! Challenges make us stretch and grow, so I’m keeping with it!

(can you see the unplanned surprise in this image?)

16 thoughts on “Gaslight

  1. I was going to guess the flag. Glad I got it right. That is indeed a welcome surprise in a photo. This shot is beautiful, Laurie. You know, another thing I really like is the arrangement of the branches above, that seem to fan out from the top of the lamp. Nice how you’ve got connections to make that happen. 😉

    • You always pick up on things that I thought were great, too. The flag, yes, but I too loved all the leaf arrangement. It’s all about the connections – ha!

  2. Laurie! Nice shot! I saw the flag; yes, that is a happy accident. What I absolutely love the most about this photo is the flame. It appears to be almost invisible, and ghostly, but it is there at the center, holding steady. It’s a very nice metaphor for the human condition. It reminds me that that flame at the core might be faint or small, but it is always there, always lit. Even when we think our flame is out, it’s there, sustaining us. You have serious talent, my biker babe sister. Imagine the photos you could take out here on your bike and riding with your sis in Sedona. Hint…hint…:)

    • I absolutely love your thoughts about the flame and it’s metaphor for the human condition. How great to know that I can come back anytime to read it. Really … so very, very cool.
      I’ve been thinking more and more about how much fun it will be to get out west … it’s been too long!!

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