Two years ago, I called it a love affair … but I think it’s time to be honest … I don’t want to go a day without basil.  In fact, it makes me happy just to see these plants outside my kitchen door.


The combination of basil, mozzarella, tomato, and olive oil just can not be beat and it serves as my lunch or dinner almost every day during the summer months.  Of course, basil elevates almost any food, at least in my opinion.


Unlike many of the garderners whose blogs I follow, I did not raise these plants from seeds.  Perhaps I’ll try that next year.


The aroma of fresh basil is heavenly!  I’ve even been known to swab a leaf across my pulse points in the same way that another woman might use perfume.

Would you say that I have a problem?


Let me know if you do … you can find me near the basil plants.