Two years ago, I called it a love affair … but I think it’s time to be honest … I don’t want to go a day without basil.  In fact, it makes me happy just to see these plants outside my kitchen door.


The combination of basil, mozzarella, tomato, and olive oil just can not be beat and it serves as my lunch or dinner almost every day during the summer months.  Of course, basil elevates almost any food, at least in my opinion.


Unlike many of the garderners whose blogs I follow, I did not raise these plants from seeds.  Perhaps I’ll try that next year.


The aroma of fresh basil is heavenly!  I’ve even been known to swab a leaf across my pulse points in the same way that another woman might use perfume.

Would you say that I have a problem?


Let me know if you do … you can find me near the basil plants.

42 thoughts on “Basil

  1. I am most impressed with the health and the numbers of your basil! I have successfully killed every basil plant I have ever planted!

    I am one of those really weird people who cannot bear the smell of coriander – apparently it is a genetic disability of some kind 🙂 Basil I can take in small amounts. It is a great sadness to me that I cannot hoe into those basil drenched summer time treats like the rest of my family and friends do – but I do indulge in lesser amounts of basil happily enough and really enjoy tomatoes, olive oil, feta and a leaf or two of basil 🙂 Coriander I can smell a mile away and simply cannot eat it.

  2. You certainly do NOT have a problem! Every time I go out to my garden I have to sniff the basil, and break off a leaf and eat it just because I can. Wonderful, wonderful plant. Yours are so healthy.

    • We have had drenching rain the last two nights, thankfully with good sunshine during the days … I’ve worried that they would get beaten down. So far so good!
      Keep on sniffing 🙂

  3. Especially love that last photo! I love my fresh basil plant as well and feel so “Martha Stewart” when I say “I’m going out to get some fresh basil from the garden” 😉

    • Oh i love that, too. I walk out every day and pick some leaves and just love it!
      Someday I’ll have to branch out and grow more than basil!!

    • Nothing quite like it … friends have given me the smell in the form of basil infused olive oil (oh my good!) and basil infused soap. A close second for me in terms of smell is lemongrass.

  4. You had me at Basil, LOL. I put it in everything. I love capreese salad too. Yummy. I put it in, on, over practically everything I cook. I love the smell once it’s warmed. Your plants look really healthy and fresh too. Fun ‘blown out’ photo at the end! Looks like the heavens are blessing your basil 😀

    • I’m so glad you mentioned the last photo! I was trying to make it reflect my crazy addiction for Basil!
      We will definitely have basil on whatever we eat, whenever it is that we finally meet up 🙂 xoxo

      • I’m all over it for sure. Washington, Spring 2015…mark your calendar. We’ve been invited by Julia to even stay at her house. Alys and I haven’t made specific dates yet. We’re busy planning Victoria Aug 2014…..we’re such social animals HA!

  5. I’m an addict too! I dry a lot of basil, and also freeze (with olive oil) in cubes. I grow a large patch of various basil just outside the back door in the flower beds for easy access while I am cooking!

  6. I don’t see a problem at all. I too love growing and eating it, and I could smell it all day long. One of our favorite local Italian restaurants has a small basil plant on each table. Isn’t that charming? I’ve never seen that done before, yet it makes perfect sense (scents). 😉

    I’m happy your basil season has arrived with gusto. Enjoy, enjoy!

    • Thank you, Alys! I had to chuckle as my plants, happily situated on top of the picnic table, which is serving as a raised bed of sorts, are overflowing their earthboxes!! I see lots of pesto in my future 🙂

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