New Year / New Blog Commitment

My very first blog post was in 2012 and I posted regularly until late in 2018 when somehow the fullness of life and work kept getting in the way. Back when I began, the goal was to “be able to look back on my life later and remember what a fabulous one it has been”, and by fabulous I mean truly fortunate. I intended to have Life on the Bike be a journal, of photos and words.

Each year, I create a desk calendar for family, friends, and personal use, and when exchanging the 2021 calendar for 2022, I noted one thing for sure. While my eye may be the same, my technical capability has markedly improved. Even still, it was fun to go back and view the years through my lens, and that is what I want this space to be. A record of travel and personal growth. Thoughts, introspection, and life’s journey. In order to make that happen, I need to commit to blogging more regularly!

Since 2012, I have published 738 posts, yet this past year I posted just 24 times, only 3.2% of the total posts. What should my commitment be? Weekly? Two Times Monthly? Only when I travel? How do you all commit yourself to documenting your lives?

In the meantime, from my hometown to yours, Welcome to 2022! May it be a healthier, more hopeful year for all of us!

The New River in Radford, Virginia

16 thoughts on “New Year / New Blog Commitment

    • I just visited your site and saw your commitment so hopefully we will both do better! Good luck with your website and I will look forward to seeing your work.

  1. Happy New Year Laurie and Gregg 😊 I think you should post whenever it feels right to do so. Back in the day I posted twice a day on The Visual Chronicle. Then in later years I tried posting once per day. Now I post whenever I feel that I have something of interest to share. Monochromia is a little different story because I’m committed to one post weekly. BTW you forgot to include all of your posts on Monochromia since 2014 in your 738 post total (you never missed a post in all those years)😊. I have been telling you for years that your technical skills as well as your artistic skills have been improving each year. Routine shooting always helps improve skills which you do more frequently than I do. Also better camera equipment through the years always improves ones images because sometimes a camera just feels right and makes you want to pick it up and go out and shoot. I’m not an advocate of buying new equipment just because its the latest and greatest. It usually has to have some feature that I feel that I would utilize.

    • You have been a big part of my evolution as a photographer, Joe, and I am grateful! Looking back at those calendars was eye opening, no doubt. As we looked, Greg said “Did you get a new camera in 2016?” He could see the leap in quality! As I said on FB yesterday, just wait until I “read, ride, and photo” retire! Thank you for your help and encouragement. And you are right! I did forget to include Monochromia! We have both been busy this past decade 🙂

  2. Laurie, I post when the writing mojo strikes me and I have time. However, I make it a point to post at least once a week so I don’t lose interested readers. My issue has been more about finding time to visit other bloggers, but that’s because I don’t want to spend too much time on the computer, especially during the warmer months. We both have a life and I suspect yours is far busier than mine, so don’t beat yourself up if you have seasons of not being able to blog regularly. The fact that you eventually come back here and give us all fabulous photos and an update is good for me.

    Have a wonderful 2022 and I look forward to seeing whatever adventures you blog about here.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Mary. I agree with you when you day that the hardest part is visiting other blogs! I remembering spending hours doing that. Other than the time factor, it is fun to visit others, those I now call friends, like you!
      Wishing you happiness and health in 2022!

  3. I’m so happy to see you recommitting to this space, Laurie. It’s nice that you can see a record of your progression as a photographer. I’m a long time-admirer who’s had the pleasure of watching you shoot along with the enjoyment of the results. I’m with the others in that you should post when the time feels right, though I will say that the discipline of a regular schedule is helpful when you want to get back on track with anything. xo

    • Thank you for you thoughts, Alys. I’m going to do as you suggested and commit to a regular schedule, although I’m not sure what that will be. Hopefully with my desire to use this as a journal of sorts will help with that.
      I just loved our Blogger Babes visit the other night! The hours just flew by!! Our little group is fortunate to have found one another in this great wide world ❤

  4. I certainly am not worthy of offering any recommendations regarding posting. I post on my crafty site regularly but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and of no interest to non-scrappers and that’s OK with me. I do it as a record of projects I enjoyed, like a diary. I say, post when the notion grabs you. When you see something or do something you think others will enjoy too. Be it photos of the hood, new town you visit, political happenings or just a story from home. A schedule is too rigid for me and I prefer the organic approach. So maybe the first thing you might decide is, ‘why post?’ 💗💗💗

    • Exactly! Why post?
      I keep coming back to the diary, just like you! I’ll try to have some consistency or routine but one that I can manage. I do see your very regular scrapping posts but as you say, since I’m not a scrapper (yet – who knows, maybe someday), I haven’t visited. I’m just thankful to have you in my life in other ways ❤ it was so good to have a good long catch up with everyone last week. XOXO

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