The Wool Factory

Yesterday I had the good fortune to attend a gathering with some of the board members of the National Women’s Political Caucus – Virginia (check us out!) at a super fun place called The Wool Factory, “a unique collaboration between chefs, brewers, winemakers, and coffee roasters aimed at creating a distinct food-and-beverage destination”.

As always when I travel and explore new places, I must know the history and the Wool Factory’s website provides it! Originally a water grist mill (1795), and later burned by the Union Army (1865), the Charlottesville Woolen Mills was established in 1868 and “became nationally known for their excellent production of fine military fabrics and uniforms, furnishing cloth for the majority of railroad workers and military schools”. The mill closed in 1962 and “the majority of the surviving mill buildings standing on the site today were built in 1920-1930s”.

What a cool, cool place this is! The beers are named after the original wool fabrics that were produced at the mill. Needing a light cold beer after a 100 mile motorcycle ride, I opted for the Poplin followed by the Flannel No. 2. These paired well with the Peruvian Chicken.

The excellent company of board members and friends kept me from exploring the site further, but I will be back with camera again in hand for further photo ops and the trying out of new beers (they also have cocktails!) and elevated bar food.

If you are near Charlottesville, Virginia be sure to plan a visit to this historic woolen mill.

9 thoughts on “The Wool Factory

    • Thanks Alys. I am definitely trying to fit the fun into my way too scheduled life! Time to get off some boards / committees (she says for the 100th time ,,, until something else interesting comes along!)

      • It’s challenging finding the balance, I know. I’m refocusing myself on the things that bring me pleasure: reading, writing, gardening, and crafting. It’s so easy to raise your hand and take on more and more.

  1. Hi Laurie! You’re constantly sharing fun and fabulous destinations. I love when an interesting old building like this is saved and refurbished. Look at those windows with a creek view! That is just awesome. We’ve been to Charlottesville when Jim marked exams there one year. We both thought is was the cutest place and were saddened to hear of marches there last year. I’m glad to know there’s good things happening and we’d love to go back again sometimes and include the Woolen Factory in our visit!

    • I’m so glad that you saw the creek view through that window. I loved that! I can’t wait until we can all meet up somewhere!

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