Local Art

As I ramp back up to posting, I’ll start with a few photos from along the road … this from Culpepper, Va.

9 thoughts on “Local Art

    • Sometime I need to go back on a day that these cute stores are open! and soon I’ll pop over to your space to catch up on you, my friend!

    • We did not …. but it would have been a fun place to stop and do a little support local shopping! Wish we could all be there together! I’m just getting my head above water what with Andrew’s recent healthscare. Thanks for your love and support ❤

    • I remember the morning that she painted your suitcase. Such a wonderful memory ❤
      As for Bee-centric: Greg and I were passing through Culpepper and stopped for Sunday morning coffee. These stores were closed but we plan to go back for a weekend someday. So glad to see your always wonderful comments. Thanks for your love this past week (And always!)

Because Boomdee dared me: Lay a little sugar on me :-)

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