Happy Easter and Belated Passover

The Senate Campaign is over, and while I did not win the day in this deep red district, it was an incredible experience! The campaign was honest about the issues that impact every single person, every single day and we did not engage in negative dialogue. I’m proud of that and also that people have told me that they are encouraged and in fact, inspired to get involved. That was one of my goals: to inspire folks to get involved in civics and government!

And NOW! I can get back into photography, travel, and the motorcycle!

Happy Easter and Belated Passover to all who celebrate, and for those who don’t, Welcome Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere!).

11 thoughts on “Happy Easter and Belated Passover

  1. Happy Easter, Laurie! Even though you may have lost your bid at election, you are involved and working to make your community better. Bravo!

    Side note: I’m getting my first Covid shot Monday morning, so we may be able to meet in Madison at the end of May. I guess I’m going to wait and see how vaccinations and the Covid numbers are rolling along in the next 6-7 weeks. I’m anxious to get out and explore the world again, but will be doing that with some caution.

  2. Regardless of the outcome, I have no doubt you will continue to contribute to your community. How lucky they are to have you.💕

  3. We’re all very proud of you Laurie! What an amazing time to voice the concerns of so many. I’m not surprised many in you community feel inspired, you’ve inspired me before we even met xo ! Happy Spring, the daffodils are gorgeous!!

  4. You are a class act, Laurie. You fought the good fight and that’s the best anyone can do. Your state deserves you. The voters need to figure that out.

    Lovely images. I’m happy to hear you’ve inspired others. and I’m also happy too that you can get back to doing the things you love. xo

  5. Laurie, the comment you mentioned where people watched what happened and as a result are now inspired to get involved…that is spectacular!! That is such a gift you gave your community! As Kelly said, we are all proud of you for working so hard for your people and for participating in an honest and positive challenge – the way democracy is supposed to be. Love you. And Happy Easter! ❤

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