Cleanse Our Earth, Soothe Our Spirit

Most of us in the United States are in a state of anger and disbelief.  I won’t desecrate this blog space like the insurrectionists desecrated the US Capitol and our country.  I will however share the beauty of the snow that fell the day after, snow that helped to soothe our spirits to a small degree.

It wasn’t much, but it was a heavy, wet snow that clung to the leaves and branches.

We took a walk and felt the snowflakes on our faces, and the fresh, cold air gave us energy and gave us hope.

The next morning, I was outside in my PJs trying to capture the early sun on ice.

Even an error in camera settings somehow was a good thing.

I hung my new RBG Ornament in a tree and reflected on her words and the work we need to do.

We are worried.  We are angry. We are frightened.  We are appalled.

But somehow we must find the energy to keep on fighting, keep on persisting, and keep on resisting hatred.

20 thoughts on “Cleanse Our Earth, Soothe Our Spirit

  1. Hey, Laurie! I do love a fairy snow. Thanks for taking photos of this one. Beautiful. We do have a lot of work to do. This mess is not over and will be with us for a while. Stay safe.

  2. Hey honey! I think you two are a riot to be excited about new snow. I love seeing it through your lense. The trees are so pretty when the snow sticks to them. They get wet snow like this in Vancouver. No one there has winter tires on so there’s always a lot of crack-ups and vehicles sliding backwards down hills, even big busses. You’re driveway’s pretty steep too, be careful ! ❤ xK

    • I am sure we it does seem strange to get excited about snow since you are inundated with it every year. Sadly, this far south and with global warming, we are seeing less and less each year. We used to get feet at a time, now it is rarely more than 5-6 inches. I worry about the days when we say “remember when it used to snow” 😦
      The problem with vehicles here is that everyone thinks that just because they have 4WD, they can drive in snow. Yikes! So far from the truth.
      As I type, I am looking out the window and because of the cold temps, the 2 inches that we got are still there. Still pretty!

  3. Beautiful images Laurie. We only had one snowstorm up here so far this year. It was only about 6 to 8 inches but it turned into an icy mess because towards the tail end of the storm the weather warmed up and left a layer of thick ice on top of the snow. I really love your RGB ornament 🙂

  4. I think you & I have discovered we are kindred spirits in seeing the beauty of a fresh snow covered landscapes 💕. Your photos are so beautiful LB. Hope it did your heart good to get out & explore🤗

    • Deborah – I am so glad you came by today, and as I typically try to do when someone comments, I go to visit their site. I just took a tour through your last year and all the whirlwinds within it. You are quite the strong woman, as evidenced by all you have endured … and then there is the state of our government these past 4 years, and more than we ever expected, these last 4 days. Sending good thoughts your way, and hoping for the best possible outcome in our nation’s capitol. Sigh …

    • I feel so fortunate to have friends know me well … I now have two beautiful RBG ornaments, each with a different quote ❤ I was also given two suffragist ornaments AND a Biden / Harris. One year I received motorcycles and wine glasses. Oh how priorities have shifted this past year ….

  5. Such loving words and gorgeous images, Laurie. We have no snow here in Rhode Island, which is highly unusual for this time of year. While I’m not a fan of snow (except for providing great subject matter for photographing), not having any at all just adds to the topsy-turvy feel of our world at present. I look forward to a brightening of days.

    • Mary, I understand the lack of snow. I worry the day will come when we are saying “remember when we used to have snow?”. I too am hoping for better, and healthier, days.

  6. Laurie, your photos are stunning. The snow is beautiful, and I fully understand your glee. I feel the same way when it rains, and once again, we’re in drought conditions, waiting and waiting and waiting for some rain. I could use a cleansing snow or rain.

    I love the RBG ornament, and I’m heartened by your grace and your words. xo

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