Historic Winchester, Virginia

9 thoughts on “Historic Winchester, Virginia

    • Joe – I am trying to post photos as soon as I can. Years ago, when I first started blogging, I wanted to have a journal of adventures and events. I let the fullness of life keep me from posting but it’s been fun to get back into it. Next challenge: to visit everyone elses blogs! Thank you for always being here 🙂

  1. I love snooping through these kind of places! So much unique architecture to be seen and cute shops and cafes. Hey! I was watching this show tonight called ‘Abandoned Places’ . The featured this place in West Virginia called Thurmond. It’s in the New River Gorge. Have you been? Isn’t that the river that runs through Radford? Man, Late September is gorgeous there in Winchester!

  2. How lovely this place is. I’m so glad you got the chance to get out. The streets don’t look too crowded, and that’s helpful for distancing. During 2020, each small journey I’ve made has been so nice for me: to look at something new for a change. I hope you and Greg found it refreshing.

    • Greg and I have a similar take on Covid precautions. We absolutely follow guidance and wear masks all the time but we also do not mind getting out and hiking, and eating outdoors, and supporting local business where we can safely. Winchester offered all of that and it was so much fun!
      How have you been managing Covid?
      Thank you so much for all of your comments this past day. XOXO

      • It sounds like I’m approaching COVID like you two: I still go out, I’m just careful. I’ve eaten inside some restaurants with the idea of supporting their business. I even got my hair cut!! Here in Oregon we’re all shut down again, for two weeks. I hope it helps. Mostly how I deal with the pressure of COVID is to get outside as often as I can, even if it’s only a walk along the roads at my house, or to do chores on my property like clearing up LEAVES, ha ha. Also, I’m trying to embrace the new world of video, so I’m attending meetings and classes online, and Skyped with friends, and I’ve watched a few Zoom improv comedy shows, and concerts, and even a Zoom wedding! I’m teaching a class on Zoom in a few hours today. So incorporating it and not fighting it has helped me emotionally.

      • We are defintely similar! I just wish the rest of the country would follow Oregon’s lead …. if we would all just follow precautions, we might get this thing under control! (and I liked your reference back to those leaves :-))

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