VA / KY / TN Celebrated, too!

Covid-19 Update:  Since I picked back up on blogging, I’ve been sharing brief updates about our travels.  Rest assured, we are taking precautions.  Wearing masks, eating outdoors or take out (or in empty restaurants), and hand sanitizing.  We are doing our part to keep ourselves and others safe!


We spent last weekend traveling the roads of Southwest Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. The colors on individual leaves and trees were so varied and drew my eye again and again.

What a glorious way to spend Election Weekend!

Mother Nature was celebrating, too! ❤

15 thoughts on “VA / KY / TN Celebrated, too!

    • You are dealing with snow while we are in a delayed fall. It just got down to 40 F this past weekend. I know it is hard to have it be so cold and white already … whereas I’m just hoping for at least one snow. Global Warming is REAL, even I’m sure it doesn’t seem like it up there. Stay cozy, my friend!

      • I agree, Global Warming is real. A few weeks ago, our ding-dong provincial Energy Minister (a conservative) talked about moving away from fossil fuels but the by product could be used to engineer plastics (!!!! so frickin’ out of tune in Alberta), I could just scream. Heaven help their grandkids.

Because Boomdee dared me: Lay a little sugar on me :-)

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